Wednesday, September 3, 2008


ahh i have been sick =(
vomitting and tummy-discomfort?
lying on the bed for the past 18hours or so?
and my lil ass still hurts!
damn the LamWahEe nurse which is so-not-caring-and-compassionate...
i should sue her for shoo-ing me off after injecting me...
where's d love people?
i miss college!
and thanks for all the get-well-messages and calls
sorry if i made you guys worried
whee i feel so loved <3

in need of tender loving care

get well soon to me
get well soon to other sick friends like TINGEN, joann, chiachyn and mab.
im sending all of u guys air-kisses and hugs.
oh wells SOMEONE probably doesnt need them anymore

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