Thursday, April 30, 2009

hell has no fury like a woman scorned.

oh well in this case,

count yourself lucky.

Monday, April 27, 2009

expect the unexpected

i had another lovely weekend again =D

friday was rather quiet,
i was working at blue reef till 3pm and then it was violin till 8pm.
after violin, i met up with szewei and vonn,
i finally tasted the famous tomyam of ayer itam =)
its okay nee la,
im still on my quest to find the BEST tomyam!
and oh it was a quiet friday night for the three of us,
no one is painting the town red tonight.

saturday was eventful =D
i had violin from morning till afternoon,
then karmun and i head over to PFS sports day to support yuhting!
met loads of ex-cglians,
its good to see you girls again,
by 5pm i left pfs to have dinner with grams,
then accompanied grams for grocery shopping and dessert too.
by 10pm it was QE11 for hennessy artistry party 2009!

that was a BLAST!
yay! free flow of drinks =)

*more pics coming up*

after the hennessy party, i was too tired to join the others at mois again.
so it was home sweet home for me by 3am?
then it was time to catch up with ting =)

sunday was violin early in the morning,
then the three of us,
tzouen, tingen and
i finally hangout just the three of us once again
~just like old times~
so we went over to prangin for shoe shopping,
and for tzouen to buy his 'secret ingredient',
we girls bought 5 shoes in total,
2 for me,
3 for tingen,
i still want those colourful flats!!!
then went home for dinner,
and met up with carmen at gurney,
we were supposed to watch edison chen's latest movie,
but shits the cinema was closed by the time we reached =(
so we went over to crepe cottage to meet up with tingen and joel,
loads of stories were swept across the table,
with joel lost most of the time,
then it was off to seawind to chill =)
*hellos tannie!*
at about 1ish, carmen's friend, jason, dropped by,
and then the boys just will not quit talking about cars =.='

so conclusion is,
i had fun this weekend! =D

Friday, April 24, 2009


"Tweety Bird" is 60 years Old This Week!


heart filled with question marks

finally i went out with tut tut en =)
tzouen, colin, mable and i went over to ananda for dinner,
in the journey to ananda i was very well entertained by tzouen,
whole time he was driving and performing magic tricks!
he was pulling out flowers from the air for me
and making hearts and showed me a few card tricks
whee, so fun =D
had a good laugh the whole time.
and javen joined us after dinner just to chill.

then mable dropped me at blue reef,
hello allyssa and daniella,
yups allyssa's back!
and it was off to gurney with blue reefians.
this time,we watched MALL COP

its a retardedly funny movie =D
not a very nice show tho,
just okay nee.

after movie,
may, swen, christopher and i went over to jamal's for supper,
dropped by netcity to say hello to carmen,deric,daryl,tingen and joel.
then shits i accidently spilled the my 'teh ice' while gossiping to may about what happened in jamal the last time =.=

karma, babe, KARMA ;)

i have the cutest pair of bosses ever.

Every time I had hoped
It turns into something bad
So for right now I'll stop thinking
And maybe things won't end up sad


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

rapuntzel no more

oh wheee on monday maddy cut her hair again!
this time she did it with anna and may =)
i cut like 10cm of my hair.
im abit sad la but nah no worries hair will grow.
so yea its bye bye to rapuntzel hair, hellos shoulder length!
*cannot cover boobies ady wor*
i miss my long straight silky hair!

may is so vain =D

after the hair cut, we went to northam beach cafe again for tomyam
we love tomyam!


met up with yuhting and karmun there.
after northam, i went to coffee island with yuhting and karmun.
then it was home sweet home =)

tuesday came and went,
it was violin and then i was supposed to go out with the bird-face but then he ppk!
arse la u tte, i could've .......

p/s: have fun in malacca, szewei! miss me kays!

and today,
my, i am a very hardworking girl today =)
i was early for work at blue reef,
then i played badminton for two hours straight :)
after that it was roti bakar with the two bosses
and as soon as i reached home i hit the gym for another hour of full workout session ;)
what has gotten into me rite?
i have no idea.
now my whole body aches like crazy =(
pfft, im getting old.
n hmmm should i club tonight?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

there he goes

There he goes
There he goes again
Racing through my brain
And I just can't contain
This feeling that remains

There he goes
There he goes again
Pulsing through my veins
And I just can't contain
This feeling that remains

There he goes
There he goes again
Racing through my brain
And I just can't contain
This feeling that remains

There he goes
There he goes again
He calls my name,
Pulls my train
No one else could heal my pain
And I just can't contain
This feeling that remains

There he goes
There he goes again
Chasing down my lane
And I just can't contain
This feeling that remains

There he goes
There he goes
There he goes

Monday, April 20, 2009

hello *awkward silence* goodbye

another lovely weekend came and gone,
was working at blue reef then violin whole night long till 10pm.
went home and cooked myself a packet of maggie mee as my dinner,
sad i noe =(
then finally decided to drag myself to meet colin, shaun jin, vonn, lingyi and jon at alan burger.
yups miss 501 was back for the weekend =)
and me n vonn was busy running away from the policemen because we parked at the yellow-lined spaces.

after alan burger,
i went over to elaine's to pass her some stuff for ting,
we ended up talking along the road for a long time?
and omg when i was driving home there was like 1000 mat rempits along the winding road.
i was driving so cautiously and screaming in all alone.
wernie, come home and then we can scream together while we head home after late night supper or outing!

was having violin saturday afternoon as well,
then it was dinner with mum,
after the early dinner with mum it was northam cafe with ONGEE lynn, deeps, calby and joshikins =)

met raymond, ning and karyn!
HELLOS to the new love birds!

yay! all of them are back in penang and we all get to catch up!
then i managed to brainwashed all of them with the exception of lynn to club with me! =)
double yays since i had to club because right after miss carmen teoh's finals she msged a ' clubs 2nite attendance compulsory babes..' and christ and tzouen and the boys are finally clubbing as well after a hiatus of 3 months? =D

so while everyone went home to change and get ready to party for the night,
i went over to elaine's again to catch up with her,
it was like a mini-party over there because colin, yeeming, chuckie, lst, yeong khang and mable were all there =)
and elaine served us this mega ultra heavenly chocolate cheese cake which i was tryin so hard to not look at but later on succumbed to the temptation =( but ahh it was really heavenly!

all the babes at elaine's

29 khang =p

29 khang maksiat with gay chuckie

ahh then we head over to upr together,

it was a good clubbing session =D
very very fun to club with the boys,
so completely safe and fun though there were only 3 girls, mable, tracykins and i,

ahh we were running around most of the time because everyone was in every corner of mois,
albeit it was such a hot and stuffy night that we were all completely soaked with our own sweat,
and yours truly here nearly puked not because she was drunk but because she felt so suffocated.
the night ended with the usual mamak session at subaidah with the boys and christ and karyn.
thanks to the supper, shaun jin! =D


and oh we met leeyip there as well

all the boys were extremely high =D

The night is like a lovely tune
Beware, my foolish heart
How white the ever constant moon
Take care, my foolish heart
There's a line between love and fascination
That's hard to see
On an evening such as this
'Cause they all give the very same sensation
When you're lost in the magic
Of a kiss.
You came and then you went,
Its unannounced and unasked for,
It will always be this way,
The way my heart will flutter
Just whenever you are around me again.

i had a pretty quiet sunday,
violin in the morning,
then it was gurney with miss ng karmun! =)
she's back as well!
ahh life is good! =) nearly everyone's back!
n babe! GREEN= GO okays? not brake!
was shopping around with miss ng,
then it was dinner with gramps,
and a lil meet up with yuhting, christ and alyn at raffe's.
remember girl, cut it off! =)
you can do it!
then i went home below 12am today and washed the car!
ahh im such a good girl!

madeline khaw cheng looi is the cutest human being alive.

Font sizenow thats a fact!


Friday, April 17, 2009

jazz for the soul

~music is a universal language,

it knows no race nor colour,
while love is like an abstract art~

Thursday, April 16, 2009

i cut my lil finger on my left and right =(

ahhhh yesterday was hectic
BUT fun ;)
worked at blue reef,
then it was badminton session at psc with the blue reefians
YAY! no more 15-love this time
then Mr and miss boss, chungkhye n i went for roti bakar!

p/s-ting, remind me to bring you there when you're back ;)

aiks, after roti bakar, i realized that i forgot my house keys :(
so my oh-so-kind mr boss actually trusted me enough to lend me his car to go collect my keys from mum.
im so honoured!
rushed home to bath and all,
(because i was super damn late for dinner with the mr babi who calls me a monkey =.=)
and then it was off to blue reef to return the car
i returned it in ONE PIECE =)

then it was dinner with tannie at blue reef,
there was no need of dimming the lights nor candles kays?
blue reefians are such crappers!

sorry for delaying dinner,
and even more sorry for being late,
and no, you do not look dumb sitting there all alone,
but oh wells,
a gentleman must always wait for the girl, rite? ;)

n oh we met a 62 murano while heading home
such a cute coincidence :)

p/s-no no, i'll never choose a shuttleCOCK over you =)
this i promise you.

and omg, i feel so tired now.
LST i miss your massage!
thank god last night i didnt club.

went home and slept like a baby =)

this morning,
i had breakfast with miss lai, the biology lecturer, shin juey, chiaming and chang thai at kapitan's!
the boys were like goons but ahh breakfast was good =) n baby joel's so cute now. thanks for the breakfast miss lai!

photo from the last breakfast session =)

yes, we should make this breakfast with miss lai a monthly or even a bi-monthly event ;)
then it was work again.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

time after time

i finally finished watching 'Operation Love'
its a japanese love story,
about two childhood friends,
sweet young love ;)

thanks mab babe for recommending me.
n thanks for making me cry my eyeballs out for about a week :)

slept at 6am,
woke up at 10am,
was feeling so cranky the whole afternoon ;(
then was out running errands with mum,
had the very nice merlin hotel nasi kandar!
then it was violin from 3.30pm till 7ish?
had zihong to annoy me in between classes =.='
and then it was off for dinner with Y =D
Y finally had song river's chicken wings!
~smile! chins up! tomorrow will be a brighter day! and good luck in your sports day!~

then it was pasar malam with mummy!
YAY! i finally had tako balls!
may, dont be jealous kays?
met eddy and the boys there as well.

onlined till now =)
had fun catching up with yuwei.

im glad that dude is having the time of his life over in kangaroo-land ;)

Current addiction ;)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

he is just not that into me

after planning this for 2 weeks,
i went for sushi king bonanza with may and mable.
(triple Ms =)

without THE sexytary =(

we did something very very naughty
then we watched 'he is just not that into you'
kristi and zach joined us for the movie too!


~hoping to be the exceptions to the "no-exceptions" rule~

dearest miss anna yeoh aka sexytary, hurry up and get your ass back to penang ASAP k?sexytary weekend is coming up but we are on the verge of firing you soon! =p

4th april 2009

these past few days have been crazy? time just flew by. so my life has pretty much became a routine nowadays. wake up, work at blue reef, violin, outings,movie,online,read and sleep? but i really cant complain much. it has been pretty fun =) and oh boy, i should start cutting down on clubbing again, pimples started to sprout like crazy on my face now.

pictures from these past few days =D

tequila POP!

8th april 2009

since standard 1 =)

the greens =)
without adelyn who was also wearing green.
such a coincidence.

11th april 2009

we all looked so decent =)

chic n sophisticated?

ahhh i love this pic!
not because we look good,
but because the guy in the dj station who offered to snap for us is OMG so cute
cute and nice!
such a good combination ;)

i see a lost bunny ;)

and ooo somebody danced till there's a wardrobe malfunction ;)

stop ,
yes you,
just stop,
do not try to doubt me,
because there really is nothing to begin with.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

im praying that its good news!
good news good news good news please!
god!!! help me pls!

*fingers crossed*

Monday, April 6, 2009

im happy, you're happy, we are all HAPPY

i just came back from kl last week.
i am missing tracykins, deeps and josh.
i bloody miss karmun.
i love having steamboat in camerons.
i bought strawberries, strawberries and more strawberries.
i screamed and closed my eyes while watching unborn late night with an annoying idiot sitting behind me and another two busy laughing at me.
i played badminton with blue reefian and d others.
i laughed till i was having stomachache while watching shopaholic.
i had fun in soi and clubbing with just 3 girls and 2 'bodyguards' in matching shirts.
i ate till i shitted at tao.
i had an awesome week =)