Sunday, August 31, 2008

UN-started party

had dinner at some japanese restaurant to celebrate dee dee's belated birthday =)

F.A.M.E is finally opened!
a very nice club
very chic
(fyi FAME=fashion,arts,music,events)
very good air conditioning system, good music, good service, good everything else
EXCEPT the crowd.
the dancefloor was EMPTY...and i dont mean few people kinda empty....BUT ZERO KOSONG BLANK empty
and then the blog-mistress here got emo for an hour or so?
i was the the first to hit the empty dance floor but shits no other group joined us so we left after a while
thank you mab darl for being there=)
it wasnt your fault
sorry to all my other hengtais if i had made you guys worried
sorry to tzouen, chungkhye and javen for slashin' it out on you guys

then i met vonn and cy
i have never been so glad to see vonn =p
she sneaked me and mable into mois while i was pretending to be drunk
(im such a good actress eh)
so guys dont worry about me many people were asking if i was drunk

and although mois was friggin hot we had l
ads of fun there on the dance floor

after my mood has changed tremendously
we went back to fame
and there all the emo dudes standing there
so we decided to leave and head to sunrise mcd after that
so i guess this is really not a night that we have all hoped for
but yeah maddy shall hibernate from clubbing for a while now
taking a break to focus on other stuffs like studies and friends
shall be back after my finals in nov =)

selamat hari kebangsaan
my country,
my home.

putting my dancing shoes away
taking a break
books are really the bestest fren one can ever get
the only thing constant in my life
while everything else changes
hope the world can stop spinning
im still me
waiting for a miracle
waiting for the time when i can smile without a single worry
waiting for the sun to shine again
full of hope and faith

ntg is the same anymore

nothing is the same anymore
we used to be so tight
nothing is the same anymore
we used do anything and everything together

nothing is the same anymore
the growing drift between us is growing bigger and bigger
nothing is the same anymore
all i want to do is turn back time to december 2007

nothing is the same anymore
what's left of us now is just a box filled with memories

nothing is the same anymore
what had happened to us?

nothing is the same anymore

Saturday, August 30, 2008


tralalala lalala
maddy is a happy girl
*with a flower on her head, holding up her skirt, skipping around silly*

on the other hand
had so much going on today
hope everything can be tackled and handle with care and thoughtfully now
my issues
his issues
her issues
all different matters tho

i was angry
i was disappointed
i got over it
and now i get this?
God is really playing a cruel joke on me.

~goodnight people!~

p/s- thanks to all my babes for being there for me *hugs*

happy belated 18th to yuwei

To yuwei:


see he just cant pose in pics properly!

i HATED him back then

that night could have been one of the BEST clubbing sessions without the raid.

cheers to all the times when you've drove me up the wall.
cheers to all the times that you have made me hated you.
cheers to all the times that you've made me smiled.
cheers to all the times you've made me laughed.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

dickhead of the century

trust me when i said that i have met the world's


i really wonder why do i even bother to put up with all this?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

dee dee's 19th!

a.k.a ch'ng syn dee


im so glad that i've met u this year
and had gotten to know you better.
you are like THE ROCK
but nope,ur no longer the 'rock' which laughs at us,
no longer just another girl that i have lunch with,
but yes you have became a very good friend.
love you most when u loosen up and be silly
love you most when you are YOU!

she's so cute!
(secretly hoping that a pimple will pop on her perfect lil face! *jealous ler*)

as cute as a bunny!

i feel like huggin her everytime

triple Ms and double Ds looking hot

p/s- im so sorry that i wasnt there to wish you in person at college today okays.
im so sorry that i had gotten the dates mixed up
promise to make it up to you!


i miss the old me

i have
1. had an ice cream
2. went dress-shopping ( and actually bought myself a dress and hoodie)
3. shopped for storybooks with the SADDEST storyline and mind you i prefer non-fiction
4. went to the gym


Tuesday, August 26, 2008


'bitching is the best way of looking past someone's perfection;
love is the reason to look past all flaws'
quoted by maddy-da-almighty

so yes i should start bitching around now except there is really nothing for me to bitch about
im actually speechless for once.

getting numb with everything,
tired of everyone's facade;
and just plain sick of the whole world and its creations
returning to my roots
closing this chapter with a very heavy heart

thats just how things will go from now on

Monday, August 25, 2008

fcuk off

just 3 little words


everything's pissing me off.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

all about me

You Are An ENFP

The Inspirer

You love being around people, and you are deeply committed to your friends.

You are also unconventional, irreverent, and unimpressed by authority.

Incredibly perceptive, you can usually sense if someone has hidden motives.

You use lots of colorful language and expressions. You're quite the storyteller!

In love, you are quite the charmer. And you are definitely willing to risk your heart.

You often don't follow through with your flirting or professed feelings. You break a lot of hearts.

At work, you are driven but not a workaholic. You just always seem to enjoy what you do.

You would make an excellent entrepreneur, politician, or journalist.

How you see yourself: compassionate, unselfish, and understanding

When other people don't get you, they see you as: gushy, emotional, and unfocused

Saturday, August 23, 2008

un-work-able plans and surprises

had a very lovely lunch with CHRISTINE TAN who is going back to KTT (kawasan tanah terbiar) soon!
it was good to exchange stories of our lives...
~pakcik parang, hiccups non-stop guy, perempuan kutu, kiasu people, SHAKING LEGS, and more~
aww i miss having that miss smarty-pants around me!


evening came

PLAN A: birthday dinner with christ and our usual small gang of heng tais and chee muis

reason: christ's mum gonna drag her to thailand at about 7ish


PLAN B: belated birthday surprise for karmun at my place

reason: karmun refuses to go with the plan


PLAN C: lepak with yuthing


reason: unknown; laziness perhaps?


PLAN D: dinner with alyn and ex-cgl-ians

FINALLY a plan that actually works
ck came over to pick me (thanks BABE) then went over 2 a VERY secluded place for western food (its somewhere between midlands and gurney)

ck,alyn,vonn,janice,eeping,cy arrived first, followed by inti guys then we were calling shaun n gang asking em why are they so late then they said they were inside d. we were all separated

dinner was very quiet and peaceful at first till d stupid clhs gang were done with their food and came out to join us =.=

then christ called and said she is not going to thailand d, however she is stuck at home cause she is car-less
so we decided to surprise her we girls ( me,jan,ping,vonn n cy) shared a blueberry cheesecake for her then everyone went over to christ's place
gosh it was SO hard to shut the guys up truly a bunch of annoying monkeys but a bunch of very funny monkeys its been so long since i laughed that hard.

random lines of the night:

'vonn, you are lk wrestling with your lamb' high 5 *piak* 'i love sex!' by suyang (i think that's his name coz he speaks as fast as d lightning)


'OMG MADELINE I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT.................................'

memories of tonight:

christ's dog, LUCKY's poo
feather duster tissue

childish? definitely.
but most importantly memorable time spent with a very very very crazy bunch of extended group of hengtais and cheemuis =)


my darl christ,
really thank god that coffee session brought us together,
and pn oh's tuition strengthen us,
its really weird how we never seem to notice each other tho we are in the same school
i guess we ran in different cliques afterall
but yes thanks babe
-being there always,
listenin to my crap
and my manja place!~

*hugs and kisses*
~see la you always dont wanna take pics now i cant post anything up d.ish.~


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

current addiction: Gossip Girl

why i love gossip girl? because we are all apart of it
there's a B, a S and a G in all of us and we are all just dying to find a guy like N and D though personally i like C as well

aww addicted to GG now


MY guy =)

good morning,world!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

sun shiny day

17 august 2008
lazy sunday

thats me =)

i love the red sun

and joyous laughters of lil kids running along the water

after weeks of putting this plan on hold due to
oh wells loads of reasons and other events
we all finally went for our lil picnic session at the rasa sayang beach
(we=tingen, jy, kittyeng, johnathan, tzouen, javen & teikhong)
omg that makes 3 johns hanging together =p
so yes remind me not to ever name my son john =)
and thanks to kitty for the lovely mac n cheese
( hor teikhong caught u eating the whole pan!)
we spent the afternoon listening to the radio
reading mag
and just lazing around the beach
its a wonderful thing to do =)
enough let d pics do all the talking


*grins like a silly girl*

high 5, jy!

jy emo-ing?

y am i as of same shade as blackie?
OH NO!!!!!

my babe!


the sun will still shine tomorrow

we left the beach at about 8-ish
the 2 blacks and 2 whites went for dinner at ananda bahwan
met mab, ben and the goh siblings there =)
when jy n i walked into ananda bahwan with the flowers after i collected it from mab's car
n then she was wearing my tiara the whole time we were eating our dinner
(tingen, remind me not to bring you to ananda with me ever again)
had a pleasant time just wasting bumming around with you people =)

I can see us holding hands

Walking on the beach, our toes in the sand
I can see us on the countryside
Sitting on the grass, laying side by side
You could be my baby, let me make you my man
Boy, you amaze me
Ain't gotta do nothing crazy
See, all I want you to do is be my love

Monday, August 18, 2008

a royal affair

tho i couldnt spend it with you
but i hope you have had fun on this memorable day!
for all the times we spent together
for all the 'hams'
for all the late night talks
for all the memories
for all the bitchings
for all the shopping and make up sessions
i truly cherished the bond that we have.




make-up by clinique

vain-ing while waiting for mindy d fancheong

at equatorial hotel's restroom =p

girls will be girls =)

finally,THE day came...disted 2008 prom themed 'a royal affair'.
indeed everyone looks like a member of royalty that night.
guys in suits and girls in very very very beautiful gowns! (especially kaminee) *drools*
prom was okay...kinda dull at was ok...but very beautiful ballroom
and free-dance was awesome
it was so nice to see everyone either cuddle up in slow dancing or letting loose on d dance floor to the fast tracks!*winks*

lols....biggest surprise ever
considering i was all down and emo and dress-less,shoe-less,bag-less,table-less and date-less.
*sounds so pathetic eh*
and then all my lil angels really helped me
i must thank MISS CHEAH SU TING
who purposely bought and sent me 3 amazing evening dresses and a long summer dress all d way
from melbourne,australia.
-seriously babes i was touched and surprise-

then i must thank miss tan yuh ting for d lovely heels
and miss mindy for d clutch
and not forgetting mab darl for our lil secret *winks*
i couldnt decide on which dress to wear till 5.45pm (mind you prom starts at 6.30pm)
thanks to all my friends who helped me to search high and low for the perfect prom dress as well especially miss yeoh ting en (bet you have fun laughing your lil arse off while i tried on dress after dress)

behold is the queen of disted!
bow me to you little people!
(thanks to everyone who voted for me kays? i really didnt see THAT coming)
sweet surprise!

it was a total surprise
i didnt expect to be even nominated
till pengchooi gotta push me up the stage
and i was laughing out loud when they crowned me

on the stage with all the other nominee
(note: the girl in blue is a very mean dancer on d dance floor,
i lose to her FLAT!)

CAN YOU SEE THAT? fuiyooo!
i gotta steal that pic frm ah sai to prove it to you guys!

impromptu slow dance andfast or CRAZY and retro 70s dance with andy twice for showcasing our talent....

Click this :


hahaha now let the pictures do the talking...

table number 5 (just for you,ting!)

pardon him for his smile 'cause smtg 'hard' happened before this pic was taken =p

javenny and mad

note to tzouen: im still the hottest girl *winks*

to fab: im going hit ur balls for 'eating all my friends'

to lst, are you regretting now boy? =)

my lovely girls *hearts*

people of table no5 including danny of table no.11


and the after-party was amazing!*except for a lil part*
i saw him
then too bad we ended up in different clubs
*perhaps we are just not fated for each other eh*

i had loads of fun with all my friends
i would take forever to name them

it was great to club with you again amy! dont go back to india!

but oh yes 5 virgin clubbers that night =)
2.choon chiat
3. kwen
4. CHUNG KHYE oh-so-lovely javenny!!!!!!

if im not mistaken mr ang lai boon d physics whiz and mr nigel koh my oh-so-responsible-and-adorable esl group leader clubbed as well! BIG SURPRISE THERE =)

then i had too many rounds of pure shots and bottoms up
was kinda gone-d
i fell asleep in the club
heard that anna was sleeping next to me on d couch =p
and miss yeoh ting en was gone-d too

*not a very pretty sight*

i would like to express my deepest apologies and gratitude to those who took read good care of me
~in random order~

mable: for being my tiang and 'penjaga'. i love you!

ting en: for taking care of me on the dancefloor, stopping me for doing stupid things ,scooping that same cute guy together and falling down tho i didnt lean on you =)

teikhong: for jaga-ing me on d dancefloor and laughin?lols

tzouen: for jaga-ing me and fetching me home ( i felt lk d queen!) I HAVE TO MURDER YOU FOR WHAT U DID TO ME AT RAFFE! u just wait...

javen: for supporting me when i was puking (i promise to be a responsible clubber next time)

fabian: for that crazy and wild car ride to raffe which made my guts feel like coming out all over again. N I UNDERSTAND MANDARIN LA DUDE. n u PAPARAZZI!

wei han: for jaga-ing me and repeating the phrase 'lets go green house,madeline needs coffee,lets go green house,madeline needs tea,you cant drive,you are too drunk,i fetch u home la k?madeline must go green house for tea/coffee' in hokkien over and over again till someone shut him up. lols i can still hear all those phrases when i close my eyes.
(note:green house is a kopitiam!)

choonchiat: for following behind tzouen's car just to make sure that we get home safely =)

im not always like that k?
it just that i stopped clubbing for a lil while so alcohol level going down the drain
but thanks again to everyone!
you guys are all my guardian angels

AWWWWWW what am i supposed to do without all my hengtais and angels?
thank God for all my friends who have been through everything with me
bless them with all the goodness in life and to all the angels above,
please sent a basket of love to all my friends =)

you could have me but you didnt want to
im the best you never had
guess things are just not pointing towards that direction
me versus her?
i win her in everything
but she has the one thing that i can never have
so im going take a bow now
its time to bite the bitter truth

with pride and dignity
and go on in this lil masquerade
while time heal all wounds.