Monday, September 22, 2008

3rd post of the day

well i guess alot is on my head today
i really couldnt sleep at all after 10.30am (i came home from club at 3.30am , prepared liying's stuff till 6am,went over to liying's at 6.20am, came home at 8.20am, slept till 10.30am)
so i had two hours of sleep today
and im still up now
something's wrong with me.
im very tired.
and yet my eyes just cant seem to close.
my head feels very very heavy
but i just cant sleep.
was online-ing and watching movies whole day
then went to gym after dinner

sitting at the playground
talking to liying
trying to stop the tears from flowing again
oh wells that's gonna be the last malaysian phone call i receive from her till next year
im gonna miss talking on the phone with you as if there's no tomorrow
i have a feeling that my phone bill is gonna hit sky high
full of russian and australian numbers
hmm anybody noes of how can i make cheaper international calls?
my money is running D-R-Y.

why do you say those lines if you dont mean them?
have been feeling pissing

IDK why
sleep deprivation i guess
girl you gotta train yourself to be numb
and then you will not feel anything anymore
ahh bliss!

on a lighter note,
maddy is turning into a very home-y girl
she stayed at home on a friday and sunday night
despite invitations for dinner,outings, party blah blah blah
she stayed home.
im so proud of you!
*beams to self*

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