Sunday, September 28, 2008

EXTREMELY busy day

i hadnt had any rest since i woke up this morning at about 8am? (means i had like 4hours of sleep the night before.)
SEE IM TURNING INTO AN INSOMNIAC PERSON D! (are you happy now deepak? =.=')

at 9.30am,
i had to attend disted's AWARDS AND SCHOLARSHIP PRESENTATION thang.
wasted alot of time sitting around doing nothing.
well i cam-whored and talked alot =p
and me and tracy were trying to scoop for any good looking guys but to no avail. (Disted only have hot girls =)
*oh tracy i know you've got your heart set on one d tho!* =p
everybody looked good in their formals and lil dresses
but lols everybody said i look like a 'tai-tai'.
hahaha i wouldnt mind being a 'tai-tai' though!!!

Then i had violin classes non-stop from 12.30pm till 4pm

stress nyer....their exams are approaching soon!

CGL reunion at the beach from 5-9pm
ahh so much fun laughing and talking and i was FORCED to eat salad! (just because i couldnt count?)
hahaha nevertheless it was definitely fun to be seeing old familiar faces again.
those faces that usually greet me early in the morning with their 'stim' faces
and those who would make alot of noise when i was trying to sleep

that was hilarious!

next we headed to torch

then i dropped by at my cousin's bridal shower...

' this ah-mac?' (mac is my nickname when i was young)
'wah...ah mac swee ki lor!' *smiles sheepishly*
'whoa....ah mac is all grown up already!'
'the last time i saw you, you were still so young!running around in diapers!'

ahh look at all the compliments i have gotten! whee!

hahahha after hanging there for about an hour or so,
maddy went over to wenlin's house!
we were both high (without alcohol eh) and were singing out our hearts belting our favourite old ballads away....
then we were joined by miss yeoh ting en
continued singing and emo-ing
then we played tarot cards and had our past,present and future read by miss tan wen lin
damn chun wei
i really cannot change myself in the name of love kays?
i have never found it worth it or sensible to change yourself for a guy
take it or leave it
if you feel inferior then you are just not good enough for me
*grins silly to my girls and smile snobbishly to the boys*

reached home at 1.30am?

ahh maddy have been a good girl again,
although she had like 3 invitations to club tonight
and oh boy she was VERY tempted
but nah...she decided to spend another quiet and quality weekend with those who matters to her
*beams to self again*

*pics coming up as soon as i can get my hands on em!*

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