Sunday, August 31, 2008

UN-started party

had dinner at some japanese restaurant to celebrate dee dee's belated birthday =)

F.A.M.E is finally opened!
a very nice club
very chic
(fyi FAME=fashion,arts,music,events)
very good air conditioning system, good music, good service, good everything else
EXCEPT the crowd.
the dancefloor was EMPTY...and i dont mean few people kinda empty....BUT ZERO KOSONG BLANK empty
and then the blog-mistress here got emo for an hour or so?
i was the the first to hit the empty dance floor but shits no other group joined us so we left after a while
thank you mab darl for being there=)
it wasnt your fault
sorry to all my other hengtais if i had made you guys worried
sorry to tzouen, chungkhye and javen for slashin' it out on you guys

then i met vonn and cy
i have never been so glad to see vonn =p
she sneaked me and mable into mois while i was pretending to be drunk
(im such a good actress eh)
so guys dont worry about me many people were asking if i was drunk

and although mois was friggin hot we had l
ads of fun there on the dance floor

after my mood has changed tremendously
we went back to fame
and there all the emo dudes standing there
so we decided to leave and head to sunrise mcd after that
so i guess this is really not a night that we have all hoped for
but yeah maddy shall hibernate from clubbing for a while now
taking a break to focus on other stuffs like studies and friends
shall be back after my finals in nov =)

selamat hari kebangsaan
my country,
my home.

putting my dancing shoes away
taking a break
books are really the bestest fren one can ever get
the only thing constant in my life
while everything else changes
hope the world can stop spinning
im still me
waiting for a miracle
waiting for the time when i can smile without a single worry
waiting for the sun to shine again
full of hope and faith

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