Tuesday, September 16, 2008

looking with an open heart

sitting opposite her
this time i really look at her
no more hate
no more dislike
no more inferiority
just looking at her
then i realize
that i was wrong all these while
she is really all of it
she's really everything that i can never be
i admit
i was just jealous
i was creating this fugly image of her in my head
just to make myself right
just to make myself feel better and more superior than her
she is pretty
sweet indeed
and smart
oh wells
i guess thats why he fell for her
it doesnt matter now
nothing matters anymore
its all over
it ends now

im gonna stop being a bitch from now onwards
everything has its time and place
my time will come
and when its here
im gonna be okay =)
p/s-i love you jo-ey,always do,always will...friends forever...thanks for being there for me even when you dont realize it...
i'll be studying at GREENLANE Mcd 2mr...anybody wanna join me?any physics and bio whiz?

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