Wednesday, December 31, 2008

im ready to fly

and so miss cheah su ting left penang already. AGAIN. ahhh. she's off to singapore again to celebrate new years. so yesterday a bunch of us went over to pizza r us to have dinner and then off to sunset bistro to say goodbye to her and chill. after sunset bistro,tzouen, suting, zihong and i went over to coffee island to chill. babe,its sad that you'll be missing out all the fun on new years. (if we have any. =p )

and then today i was a very good girl. at home most of the time. reading my story book, 'stories to tell, by tony parson.or else i was either busy sleeping.after dinner met up with yuhting, karmun and those old frees at adrian's.and here i am, home sweet home,baby.

I remember way back way back when
I said i never wanna see your face again
Cause you were loving yes you're loving somebody else
And I knew oh yes I knew I couldn't control myself
And now they bring you back into my life again
And so I put on a face just like your friend's
But I think you know oh yes you know whats going on
Cause the feelings in me oh yes in me are burning strong

But I will never be your stepping stone
Take it all or leave me alone
I will never be your stepping stone
I'm standing upright on my own

You used to call me up from time to time
And it would be so hard for me not to cross the line
The words of love layed on my lips just like a curse
And i knew oh yes i knew they'd only make it worse
And now you have the nerve to play along
Just like the maestro beats in a song
You got your kicks you get your kicks from playing me
And the less you give the more i want so foolishly

But I will never be your stepping stone
Take it all or leave me alone
I will never be your stepping stone
I'm standing upright on my own...

No I will never be your stepping stone
Take it all or leave me alone
I will never be your stepping stone
I'm standing upright on my own

Never be your stepping stone
Take it all or leave me alone
I will never be your stepping stone
I'm standing upright on my own

Monday, December 29, 2008

if you're happy and you know it clap your hands.

22nd december 2008

i went overseas!
it was like a lil road trip.
the lil cars convoy.
3 dudes in a kelisa.
and 3 girls in the other kelisa.

destination: ASS PEE (sungai petani)

mission: to celebrate kaminee's sweet 18th.

read all about it in kamz and tracy's blog =p

one day is all it needs.

23rd december 2008


reached penang at about 7ish in the evening.
then went over to queens with florence.
then over to wenlin's.
picked up wenqin.
and off we went to pasar malam =D
finally, i had tako balls and herbal jelly.
and met up with the gang at ananda's for dinner.
its been so long that everyone is together at a place.
we were all supposed to discuss christmas eve plans.
however, everybody ended up talking cock and yups still no christmas plans.
stayed over at ting's again.

24th december 2008

woke up at 10am and straightaway went over to tracy's to bake lil gingerbreadman-cookies.
those lil gingerbreadman took 5 frigging hours.
and i did em with tender loving care!
thats why they are all so cute!

i hope you like them!

about 5ish, i was back in my shop for a violin class.
after that i accompanied mum for dinner.

and trust me, it was 8pm and yet none of us know how to celebrate christmas this year.
everyone was basically plan-less.
oh wells,so we all decided to meet at gurney.
ting had a lil accident while we were leaving gurney.
and that stupid man just did not want to apologize.
such an arse.

and then after dealing with that stupid man,we finally head over to kayin's.
ohboy it was fun at kayin's.
but opps, as soon as i stepped into the house my heart was shattered.
i got pacifiers as my chistmas present.
luckily, nigel decided to trade with me and he ended up wearing those pacificiers as his nipples whole night long.
everyone was basically at kayin's.
so it was good to be able to celebrate my christmas with all my friends.

after countdown at kayin's, most of us decided to hit the clubs.
it was FAME and MOIS again.
yes i had fun =)
then mamak-ed at raffe's and finally home by 5am.

25th of december 2008


woke up at 8am to go over to FGA Butterworth christmas service.
then after that went shopping at pacific.
came back to penang about 6pm.
went to over coffee bean to meet ting.
and then off we went to wenqin's birthday part at berjaya hotel.
after the party, wenlin demanded for or-chieh so off the rest went over to goodall for some good fried oysters while i went over to the new khaleel which is located at old torch have supper with tannie.
haha, that poor dude had an accident on christmas eve as well. LOL.

i had a nice christmas this year =)
thank you,jesus!

26th of december 2008

was running errands with mum the whole afternoon.
then went over to gurney to meet up with tingen and tzouen.
suting joined us after that.
and then we bumped into may,kristi,wernie,anas and danny.
we tend to bump into each other alot
just yesterday,may caught me in khaleel.
ahhh, penang's just too small.

then the two tings, tzouen and i went over to gurney drive to eat.
went over to BED to meet up with zihong and the other boys were there gambling as well.
so tzouen joined the others while zihong and the rest of us was just playing cards and talking crap.
jy joined us as well. played truth or dare.
hmmm,loads of truth were revealed =)

27th of december 2008

was out running errands with mum the whole day again.
and then picked up miss yeoh ting en because she needed company.
ahhh, im here babe.

and then picked up mr jonathan ng who came all the way from kl just to see me!!!
ahh im so touched. seriously. i am really not being sarcastic.
i havent seen him in a year or two?
its good catch up again.
went over to queens.
had sakae for dinner with jon,tingen and kenneth.
and then jon,tingen and i went over to qeII for drinks.
dropped mr cinderella back to his uncle's.
while on the way to upr, i was feeling nauseous and had to stop by the highway to puke.
and then i realize that i might be having food poisoining as i had diarrhoe earlier as well.
puke twice on the way to UPR.
nearly wanted to skip UPR but its jy's last day so i gotta bid adieu to him.

ahh lil kiddo i will definitely miss you.
it was really great knowing you.

had fun clubbing at mois with the two tings,tzouen and zihong.
and christ,janice,vonn was there too.
chilled at mr pot after club.
the two tings and tzouen crashed at my place.

28th december 2008

i've been such an angel helping mum around the house to prepare for the lil party for the students the whole day.
and i even organized games for those lil naughty people.
then i cleaned up after the party as well.
i could be such an angel eh?

Monday, December 22, 2008


i havent been blogging for so long that i forgot what i did =)
oh wells results are out.
been staying over at ting's nearly every other day.
meeting up with her everyday.
its amazing how we could manage to do that when now we are both working.

clubbed at fame and mois yesterday.
met chingyu and gang and angelin and the rest at fame.
and the boys at mois.
hello may, you arrived when i was about to leave =(
oh vewen's back!
and it was yuhting and vewen's virgin trip to the club.
went home by 4.40am.

and i was up again at 10am.
went for a christmas luncheon at penang club.
food was good.
[su yang, remind me to introduce you to yang junior that i met =) ]
after the luncheon, met up with ting in my shop
then went over to coffee bean
i was sipping tea and reading a story book while she was working.
four friends working under the same roof.
guess we will all be spending a lil more time over there =)

head over to the hospital to visit god-grams.
then to gurney to meet REAL grams and grand-aunts.
and then off to dewan sri pinang for the AOG's CHRISTMAS PRESENTATION.
it was good.
and here i am now.
i've been good. =)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

lovely weekend

Saturday 13th December 2008

I was out with yuhting and jowyee in the afternoon. On the way to jowyee’s, yuhting and I dropped by GIANT just because she wanted fruits. I ended up going for a mini-grocery shoppin instead =.=’ After getting jowyee, we went off to queens. And oh I had so much much listening to old school songs in yuhting’s car.

When I was young I listen to the radio waiting for my favourite song,

Everyday I love you

Tonight I celebrate my love for you

When you say nothing at all

Im all out of love, im so lost without you.

Ahhhh…. Sweet sweet oldies rock my world =)

oh no im not old-fashion, Im just cheesy. =D

Met up with yimin and a new friend, codees? I hope the spelling’s right =)

had sakae sushi for tea and salmon.

Then I have to rush back to the shop to meet up with mum and change clothes before heading to my student’s house warming party. They served superb food for a house-warming party. There’s like a wide selection of meat, lamb, mutton, beef, turkey, chicken, tiger prawns, fish and there was even a CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN.

Heavenly =)

Then after that I went over to THE VIEW at equiterel restaurant to meet suting, tingen, angelin, kittyeng, tzouen and mr cheah. And oh we girls received a stalk of rose each =p

Next, we head back to ting’s to get changed before heading to UPR.

It was a series of unfortunate events followed after that. Un-work-able air-condition of the car, Missing car key of the other car, tingen’s obsession with the book, my fingers got slammed by the car bonnet =( somebody got into trouble with THE mother, un-work-able plans, disturbance from the cicakman =.=’

However it was a good night afterall =) had loads of fun too =p hellos to everyone that I met. =) At 4ish, I went home a very happy girl with a silly grin on my face. Suting and tzouen stayed over again. [you both should just leave a set of clothes with me.]

Sunday 14th December 2008

The three of us woke up at about 11am. As usual, it was hard waking up tzouen. After changing for the umpteenth time because the dress code for WHAT A BLOGGIFUL WORLD gathering was smart-casual I finally left home at 12.30pm when the gathering actually starts at 12pm? Met up with karmun and yuhting and the three of us were so lost in that gathering. [Thanks for the treat, karmun!] And oh the food was good =) And I won a buy one free one movie ticket thanks to my lucky number 23!

sorry to that charles key person that i gotta grab this pic from facebook.

The event ended about 4-ish. After that I went back to the shop for awhile before fetching grams and mum to the hospital to visit Aunty Im who has a failing heart and kidneys. [ Be strong, aunty!] Then it was off to dinner and grocery shopping with my family.

After the family affair, met up with alyn, chungkhye, wenlin and mable at coffee bean as ting and christ is working there for a lil catching up with mable as she was away for a week in Cameron highlands and KL and on monday she’s be off to London, Paris and Switzerland for three weeks! Lucky girl! But aiks I cant even celebrate her birthday with her next year! Bye mabs! Love you! Take care! Soon, mindy, syndee, chuckie and colin joined us =) We love coffee bean, don’t we?

Monday 15th December 2008

As soon as ting was done with work that’s like 1am, we picked tzouen and went off for a lil supper at mcd. And I stayed-over at ting’s just because I feel like it? =) woke up at 1pm and was driving in circles because ting doesn’t know her way around her housing area =.= ting went banking and then chicken rice as lunch with tzouen. It was violin for the rest of the afternoon while ting went to work. [Hi eelynn! Nice to have that lil catch up!]

About 7pm I went over to Malaysia Nature Society office for a barbeque session organized by Miss Lai, with the MNS people and bio students.

Changthai : Eh, don’t block the light! I need the light!

Syn juin: Ok, I want the sausages, chicken, bread of whatever, chow hoi ta oso nevermind!

Chiaming: eh, that one got my saliva d.

Ahh, biology students are so funny eh! It was nice to see everyone again! I miss the college people!

p/s- to von, enjoy yourself to the fullest in KL k? Take care and have fun! Come back asap!


Hahaha and the lil boy is FINALLY 18!

[but ah, he is still as annoying and small-sized as ever!]

photo-blog of chuckie's party:

Saturday, December 13, 2008

looking back

i miss college
all the splendid memories
and new friends found.

fly me to the moon

so i was completely free today,
was supposed to go queens with the girls namely yuhting, karmun and erica.
and then i was reminded that i still haven't returned my books and settle disted stuff.
but instead i spent the whole day with ting again.
it was her first day of work and that poor girl fell sick.
and that stubborn fella refuses to see the doctor and even begged for an ice-blended chocolate.
oh i was a steady driver driving her car today =)

so we ended up walking like zombies around gurney plaza
[and of all days today we both met like a gazillion people =.=]

first stopping by coffee bean to get her ice-blended and meet up with tzouen
then it was food loft for some healthy food to fill her lil stomach since she has been puking all day long
i ended up eating most of the food
aiks, thanks to you, ting, now we cannot have that superb dinner at in-gulf's.
and then we went for a lil shopping,
no i didn't manage to find anything that i like =(
met up with uncle cheah and his friend, uncle lam at jurin express

then went over to gurney drive to meet with chungkhye and alyn.
then we all head over to the beach and was joined by more people!
bumped into may,wernie and the rest AGAIN.
met up with wenlin and wenqin!
[ahhh i nearly fell for that dress as well !!! =]

so why do we go to the beach ?
it was to look at the full moon!
the last full moon of 2008.
it was superbly the BEAUTIFUL.
[no tannie, the moon isn't running away to see you! it was just teasing me =p ]
then it was ananda's for dinner cum supper
and finally home sweet home baby! =)

here i am sitting in the balcony,
listening to jazzy christmas carols
and looking at the moon.
all i need is a cup of hot choc with marsmallows to soothe my senses =)

Friday, December 12, 2008

and i wish upon a star

all i want for christmas is


girls night out

it was lovely-bubbly to be out with em girls
high school mates =)
those familiar faces you used to see without fail in pinafore and white shirt.
feeling a lil nostalgic now

now i know why karmun is an impulsive shopper,
its all in the genes eh?
it was dinner with erica, karmun and yuhting at northam beach,
then gurney plaza for a late night shopping. whee!
and then ananda bahwan for supper.
met the whole gang there =)

and oh btw,
a very very very
you can finally stop stealing people's IC
and shove your own into the bouncers' faces!

to the may,
who was one of my first few non-cgl friends in disted,
oh boy i dont really like her at first,
thought she was this very snotty cpt-arian,
but oh boy i was so wrong,
never judge a book by its cover rite?
so may, i love you!

cheers to many more outings,
pillow talks,
ice-cream club!!!
clubbbing sessions,
makan time,
and just plain hanging out and catching up!

we bump into each other alot!

and she's my best college cam-whoring girl!

she will layan me to do sunsilk advertisment and other stupid stuff!

and is a big fan of baskin as well!
therefore,she is the sexytary of our lil ice-cream club!

our first pic together!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

cinderella-ella-ella eh

and i managed to reach home by 12am today.
loads of un-work-able plans.
after a long day of violin,
yuwei and choon chiet (the troll) dropped by my shop,
then wenlin joined them and it was tennis at 6pm at my place =)
tennis was funny =D
oh oh yuwei has flabby arse, they are like waterbed =.='
off for dinner and then movie at gurney.
transporter 3 is the bomb,
i dig guys who are good drivers
boys and cars go hand-in-hand to me =)

i feel like eating steamboat now.

yes its a wednesday and no im staying home tonight
im not clubbing, im staying in and having a lazy night.

Cause your hot n your cold,
Your yes n your no,
Your in n your out,
Your up n ur down,
Your wrong when its right,
Its black then its white,
We fight we break up,
We kiss we make up,
[You] Your don't really wanna stay no,
[But You] Don't really wanna go-o

Your hot n your cold
Your yes n your no
Your in n your out
Your up n your down

Monday, December 8, 2008


haha finally got out of the house at about 10pm
after being plan-less i meet up with ting at netcity to wait for the boys
oh no i didnt enter netcity,until today i still have not set foot into any internet cafes before.
after that off we go fetch mr tan tzou en and then off we went to upr.
it was FAME again.
different crowd today however.
more people joined us. it was good to see colin, chuckie, shaun jin, liang, lst, greg, jen and the rest again.
for once they are not gambling =.=
after club it was subaidah.
reached home at 4am.
ting and tzouen stayed over at my place.

finally woke up at 1.30pm and had breakfast at 2pm.
sorry christ for being late to gym =(
yuwei joined us to the gym. it was fun!
then tzouen,yuwei and i went over to wenlin's to pick her up to go to pc fair with us.
met alot of people at pc fair.
bought pendrives from yang.
then the four of us had choo char at somewhere near queens.
we ordered very 'dry' stuff
met up with mum at northam beach.
then went over to wernie's just to waste time?


was lazing at home the whole day,
then went out with mum,
tzouen and ting came over to my house in the afternoon,
then i napped and off to dinner at seahorse at 9pm?
it was good that so many people appeared at such short notice,
there was wenlin, javen, chuckie, colin, wei xian, su ting, tzouen, shaun jin,ee ping and venice.
it was good to see wei xian again
[hello boy, you grew taller!]

we were plan-less again after dinner,

plan A : karaoke at wenlin's
plan B : gurney drive
plan C : maddy's house

plan D : colin's just to chill

reached home at 2am and slept.


sorry to nigel, laiboon and tracy for not being able to wake up for tennis.
i am still sick and you guys know that i am not exactly a morning person rite?
but yea sorry again.

had violin the whole afternoon,
then visited grams who was admitted in lam wah ee
[get well soon ah ma!]
off to gurney to meet up with ting.
had dinner with ting and her dad at jurin's.
tzouen joined us later on.
was hunting for black slacks and black shoes for ting.
guess who is gonna be the new barista of coffee bean? =p
[no, not me!]
then off to coffee bean for a while,
then met up with alyn, chungkhye, colin and chuckie at pasar malam,
sorry for being late =)
then we all went over to batu ferringhi night market,
bought some DVDs and then it was my house for movie session,

Saturday, December 6, 2008

its 8.46pm on a saturday night and all of us are at home now.
we cannot decide where to go or what to do tonight.
i have officially labelled us as

p/s-im loving my new hair
*flings hair*

and i finally boarded Queen Elizebeth II

oh wells,
its that was where i was yesterday after dinner with grams and mum.
QEII was beautiful,
i love the sea and the feel of the wind in my hair.

after QEII carmen, jackie, tingen and i went over to UPR.
we could not decide which club to enter as tingen and i forgotten to bring our ICs with us
in the end, we all went to MOMO, SS and FAME.
suting came over and joined us after she 'took care of some matters' =p
and it was just boring us girls sitting around drinking.
then yuwei and tzouen came over as well.

and ting actually made me drink water while clubbing to cure my sorethroat

I'm dreamin' tonight of a place I love
Even more then I usually do
And although I know it's a long road back
I promise you

I'll be home for Christmas
You can count on me
Please have snow and mistletoe
And presents under the tree
Christmas Eve will find me
Where the love light beams
I'll be home for Christmas
If only in my dreams

Christmas Eve will find me
Where the love light beams
I'll be home for Christmas
If only in my dreams
If only in my dreams

Friday, December 5, 2008

any remedy?


i have been talking like a drag-queen@ugly duckling yesterday
(noone can stand my oh-so-super-sexy voice now except for nutty josh who says that i sound like sophie bush now=.=)

today i can barely even whisper.
[even karmun cant recognize my voice anymore =( ]

any remedy on how to cure very very bad sore throat, cough and flu?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

happy 20th birthday to that old fart

please tell me that this lil cheese cakes are cute and MK stands for me.

to the guy i'll call my babi because he is well a babi,
mr arsehole,
the only person in the world who thinks and actually believes that my name is madeline khaw mei ling *points the middle finger at him*
and to him MK stands for may kwoon after i spent hours baking and decorating those bloody lil mini-cheesecakes, *slaps and punches him*


he also happens to be the one that will come over to my rescue at any ungodly hour just because i was down, emo, really in deep shit or just not wanting to be at home,
(we have withstood whatever 3-am friendship tests, we've been passed with flying colours in every 1am,3am,5am,6am whatever time tests)
the one who never judged,
the one i do not need to impress.
the one that will the there,
my mr bestie.


p/s-no, you are no longer a teenager, so stop calling yourself twenteen =.='


i had violin in the afternoon yesterday,
then went over to mab's with ting to talk and pass her the lil cheesecakes,
and then it was dinner with ting,tzouen,alyn and chungkhye.
had very nice fried oysters at seahorse kopitiam (next to penang chinese swimming club)
and then they all came over to my house to chill and we decided to re-watch TAXI.
by 11.30pm they all went home.

it was time to surprise tannie so i acted all emo and called him up,
he arrived in like less than 10 mins
he really believed that i was having a mega huge fight with mum and was planning to runaway from my house with two huge bags of clothes (honey, im not the kinda girl who runs away from home or commits suicide! dont you know me well enough?)
so off we went to sunset bistro,
and then it was so hard to get him to leave the table.
so i gave up and just took those lil cheesecakes out.
SO NO I DID NOT FORGET YOUR BIRTHDAY, now dont you dare to forget mine!

it was fun just us talking, laughing and chilling underneath the blanket of stars.
oh new found hobby: throwing bottles! =D

and i would like to thank god for keeping an eye on my handphone for me! AMEN!