Thursday, October 2, 2008

we can turn back time =)

I spent the whole day with Karmun, Yuhting and Tannie.

'it really felt like old times, as if for just today, time stopped and returned to us that freaking awesome part of our lives when we were all still in high school, all gullible and naive enough to believe we have the power within ourselves to change the world.' quoted by Miss Ng Karmun.

Ahh yes indeed it really made me felt as if we were back in form 4 or was it form 3? ahh i really cant remember.

Hanging out at gurney from noon till dinner time..

just having lunch and catching movie together like the old days

the most amazing thing about friendship is when you know you can always pick up the pieces exactly from where you've left them the last time after everyone took separate paths and went on with their own lives. now that's d sweetest part.

thank you to you,
for just being you,
and for making me laugh myself silly.

we had our fair shares of disagrements and bitch fits but all in all we stuck by each other is because we've all accepted each others flaws.

thats tannie. he's still camera-shy after all these years.
to tannie: i've changed my mind about ya! ur still the same old tannie.

look at our pretty shoes!

i woke up to the sound of the annoying handphone at 10.40am. [ that means that maddy-da-great had like 4.5 hours of sleep nee.]
and to the voice of someone's who is equally as sleepy as i am on the other line who replies with 'wake up' to everything else that i said. (see karmun, look at all the things that we do for you!)
and i got ready in under 30mins. its really really really rare to see maddy sacrificing her sleep for anything =)

hey i wasnt late! tannie was the one who is late! he made me late! dont blame me people!

then we met up with karmun and yuhting.

kim gary>movie: eagle eye (i wanna name my son ethan!)>food court>big apple donut>goodall>dominos

well that's because yuhting needs to have at least 8 servings of food per meal and karmun needs 10. hence it was like a little food tour around pulau tikus/gurney area. XD

yes i really had so much fun catching up.
nothing changed.
and that's the best part.
today will definitely be one of those days which i would want to re-live again and all the memories will be playing in my head without a pause button.

I smiled without caring if there was something stuck in between my teeth.
I snorted.
I laughed my 360 degrees laughter.
I was called 'meow'.
I was kinda like the old me again.


updates on jeshua's birthday party yesterday coming up as soon as i get hold of the pics =)
have some patience peeps!

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