Monday, October 20, 2008

black monday!

i did something new today =)
i experimented something new...
thats to try to have lunch in the cafeteria all by myself...
as stupid as this may sound, i have NEVER ever tried that before...
but maddy ate a plate of miserable fried tomyam maggi mee all alone in the cafeteria...
lols everyone was dropping by and asking:

'Maddy, are who waiting for someone?'
'Maddy, who are you having lunch with today?'
'Maddy, not going out meh?'
'Maddy, why are you alone?'

hahaha.... oh wells people dont worry...
maddy just needed to try having lunch on her own today
well, it was not as fun as i have expected....but i survived....and i managed to finish biology 2005 paper! yay! so eating lunch alone is good because i can finish up my work and actually study...
but ahh i would prefer company.... i need more laughters and lame jokes to brighten up my day.

so, lunch anyone?

*pictures and more updates coming up! SOMEONE GOT CAKE-D!

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