Friday, October 3, 2008

happy 18th to jeshua!

1st October 2008

Went over to queens with Jenny and Joann to hunt for jeshua’s birthday present.

Met up with Tracy, Deepak and Joshua. Then we all went around like crazy people trying to find a present for Jeshua who is a complete football fan. So, the ever oh-so-smart me dragged them to Nike and then the oh-so-smart me found a very nice red Manchester United tshirt@jersey. Whee!!! And the boys got him a Man U football!!! See, we know what you love, Jeshua!

Then we head over to jeshua’s house for the party. Jenny had a lil accident along the way but aiks nevermind about that. As long as we all got there safely!

Had loads of fun in the party. Ate and bullied the boys. And then we girls sit and talked. Then we played HEART ATTACK with HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL UNO cards…(=.=)’ and oh I played chess after two whole years of not touching any chess pieces. Ahh… im so rusty d =/ after I lost the game I abandoned the boys and ran away merajuk-ing to the girls. Haha…

The highlight of the night will be the cake cutting ceremony =)

We didn’t have the usual cake and instead we had two chocolate cakes with a dozen of lollipops stuck on it. Haha…Michelle d blackie, Lai Boon and Nigel’s brainchild XD
I nearly fainted when I saw the cake.

Hahaha. Not my usual gang but nevertheless this bunch of people had made my college life a tad more colourful. And I am happy to be able to know all this people. Im sorry that I haven’t been able to really get close to them. Im sorry that I haven’t been able to know what are their favourite colours and other likes and dislikes. But yes I am thankful that I met this special bunch of people, who are fun and funny XD

To Nigel: you are such a safe driver, I didn’t scream at all while you drive. Thanks =)

Here are some pics from the birthday party!


Have a blessed year ahead of ya!

its ironic that im the centre of attention when im not even the birthday boy =.=

you people just love me so much, dont ya?

And then after the party I went to UPR at about 12-ish? Wasn’t really in the mood. Didn’t even dress up or apply make-up. I felt so fugly and life-less that night. My mission of the night was to accompany wenlin. So i clubbed for a while with wenlin,mab and tingen.We were all busy walking in and out of the MOIS to find missing people. It was very POTONG STIM. So in the end, we gave up and went over to SS with Christ, Tingen, Carmen, and those three other dudes.




i promise myself not to drink and I DIDNT! =)

Sorry to yuwei for abandoning ya =p

Then fetched tingen home, chilled at Green House for a while, and finally reached home at 5.30am. Ahh… this time mum nearly slaughtered me… And I woke up to the voice of an equally as sleepyhead as me and went out again at 11ish in the morning to gurney plaza with karmun and yuhting. I am a supergirl, aint i? =)

my eyebags are getting heavier! =(


trying to get my piorities straight,
stop being a supergirl,
its time to settle down,
and start studying.
last chance for you to get this right.
do not screw this up.
you owe at least this much to yourself,
you deserve so much more,
you will get so much more.

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