Saturday, October 11, 2008

grabbed from lynn's blog

p/s- im gonna be a rich tai tai with a happy family and my husband will be my superhero that will find me perfect and gladly worship the ground that i step on and yes i will love him very much and hold on his hand everywhere i go and those 'office ladies ' in the picture will die of envy when they see me as a successful lawyer or dentist,with two very cute kids ( a boy and a lil girl with pigtails) and a very dashing husband who owns his business empire and has THICK EYEBROWS =)

hahaha.... now peeps laugh all you want...but my dream will come true =) lets just wait and see... my knight in shining armour is on his way XD



to josh: dont stealing my shit and my old-school specs u arse... n jazz jam next year kays? lets keep an eye for any open gigs or something like that...glad to have met you lame of meeting people lame-r than me *hearts*

haha...see others portrayed you as a geek but i portrayed you
as that boozie that u are =)

to von: girl ur legal like a free butterfly kays? *muacks*

remember this pic? chingyu's cny '08

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