Thursday, October 23, 2008

of blue blacks,screams,tears&farewells

Snippets of this week:


happy birthday penny chuah peng chooi!

best birthday ever eh?

i bet you love us!

miss lai, the biology lecturer, did something very very very sweet for us. she made us a lil notebook with personalized pictures & words, a CD of pictures of the year & a list of dreams of dreams and aspirations that we wrote in the beginning of the year. nearly cried. ahh..i'll miss her =(

TUESDAY 21.10.2008

last chem lecture!
dr teo aka ninja turtle! i'll miss everything abt chem class.

the whole class shared 2 bottles of wine for him...a red and a white....
whee and i was d smarty pants who picked it...
the moment he saw it he went 'good wine, good wine!'

had lunch with deepak, joshua, marcus and eelynn...(my 'tracy& gang' clique of friends)
will miss u guys la...

but we shall still partay after finals kays! and a roadtrip babeh!!


miss lai's farewell....i picked cheesecake from jenny's whee!
we bought her a cake, a mega-huge card and a lil tshirt for her baby joel which says 'mummy's little superhero!'
and we all made a lil scrap-book for her... nearly moved everyone of us to tears.

had lunch with the cgl clique.... ahh my cgl chicks stood by me all these time... they are the people that keep me sane! <3

and then it was farewell for miss jenny the english lecturer
ahhh i was glad that she threw me into the best ESL group ever seriously....
im gonna miss all of them so much


nigel: tennis coming up yea? that's only place that allowed to bully me!=) l
ai boon: STOP VAINING!

'bart' yoong chuin: ALRIGHT bart! ahh come to penang often and join our lil tennis club kays?
siew hau: STOP DOTA-ing n get a hair cut =)
calby: i feel lk doing macarena now....wanna join me?hahhaha
chia chyn: keep in touch k? *smiles*


though at first i was begging miss jenny to not put me with you boys cause u were all boys (yes maddy is afraid of boys...especially quiet boys like you people) but oh my, they are NOT quiet at all and they are the most awesome people....(dont kembang eh) i can really go on and on about how much my ESL group rocked my world but i shall stop now...lols.


had maths pop quiz

i was the unlucky one =.=' l

had lunch with may, peng chooi, janisha, mich, tzouen, danny, eugene, kwen, lst, juanita and roger...

that's my other clique of friends...

and then i went out to gurney again with tzouen,yuwei,chungkhye,choonchiat and tingen to teman them to have their lunch after their ALEVELS chem exam...(thats the 'hengtai' clique)
the boys were well being silly AS USUAL. they played the stupid 'hit the crocodile' game =.= and then alyn joined us when the boys were looking for shirts.


7 of us were in the car. tzouen was busy playing with his car...the memorable good old mercedes which was fondly known as PBU 90 (now its PEN 893?) because its gonna be sold off on tuesday so this will be the last time all of us were gonna squeeze in that car...ahh so many sweet memories of that car la...

and then yuwei who was sitting in front threw the stupid boxing glove at me...and then i hit him...he hit me....i hit him....he hit me...till in the end we both ended up with bruises all over.NO KIDDING.
my left arm is still red now. its stinging like crazy even as i type this and i have 4 FOUR blue black marks on my left arm...stupid si to pui yuwei ended up with a very red right arm, two blue blacks, and four red patches on his lower back... and so we call it even now...lols... babi la u si to pui wei.... i throw egg at u ar!

and tracy darling i love you la...i really wasnt crying during physics...i was tear-ing cz i have an over-active tear glands so when i yawn tears will was so damn funny to hear you, joshua, deeps and calby coming up with theories of why i cried and you passing me tissue and you all apologizing....wahhahaha....havent you guys noticed that my tears will always flow whenever i yawn? that why chia chyn was laughing lk a crazy nut =D hahahaha

so tracy khong mei san sorry for tricking ya and making you guilty eh? your ma sweet lil biatch that have the same fashion taste as me... how can i stay angry at you for a long time babe? hahaha...

and omg babe i forgot to blog about that awesome 70s birthday bash you had at my place!

WHITE FRIDAY 24.10.2008

i am so looking forward to luncheon with the lecturers tomorrow

im such a good party planner eh? =)
*claps for me!*


im sorry that i have just known some of you guys

im sorry that i never spend enough time with those i started college with
im sorry that i took you guys for granted
im sorry if i havent been there when you guys needed me
im sorry if i have abandoned any of you guys
im sorry to that im late specially for morning classes
(and practically every other class lol)
im sorry if i had been TOO noisy,
TOO rude,
TOO loud,
TOO vain,
TOO demanding,
TOO unproductive,
TOO anything.
i truly cherish each and every friendship i had made in college
and those i had strengthen through college.
You people really made a change in my life and have all left footprints in my heart.
i really hate to say goodbye.

*edited d*
happy now people?

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