Friday, October 24, 2008

highest point of DISTED life *smiles*

from left to right: leykkha, janisha,andy,tracy, michelle,chia chyn,joey,ME,joshua,kamz,eelynn,jeshua,jenny,flo,lai boon,chia ming.


the end of another chapter of my life. i did not regret that i have chose SAM. im happy that i went to disted. so many memories that were made. i can still remember vividly the 1st day of college. i was feeling so lost and lonely in front of DISTED library. the only clique of friends i know was my hengtais and they were at at A levels. and then boy i was glad when i see familiar faces of CGL-ians in was pure joy to see jiali, rachel, joann, jenny and seokwoen there.

soon as time goes by,
more of as time FLEW, made more new friends. i have my regular lunch babes. triple Ms and double Ds madeline.mable.mindy.syndee. i dont know what connects us. but hell ya we sure click well right from the start. and i was the only SAM student in that clique. the rest are from Alevels and were all from chinese school. hahaha i didnt know me the complete banana could end up being such good friends with chinese school students.

and ahhh i met more new people. new friends for life. new shopping partners. new boozie peeps. new gossip girls & guys, new lame jokers, new nuisance, new 'cuci-mata' kakis, new lepak-ers, new study group, new computer-helpers and more new FRIENDS...

to tracy and 3 spastics gang plus ONGEE LYNN.... why didnt i meet you guys sooner?

to nigel,lai boon, jeshua, 'bart' and d girls.... i wish i could've known you guys more!

to andy,
glad to meet ya!

flo and kamz!
i wish we can just sit and talk talk talk talk TALK!

may pengchooi danny and the biggest gang ever,

i would take forever to name you all
but u guys had made my college life just a tad sweeter! missing ya all already!!!!


WHITE FRIDAY 24.10.2008

last day of college already! my first class was maths! had maths pop quiz again but most of us were busy signing cards and taking photos of virtually everything. and when miss geong said class was over,for once nobody rushed to the door. everyone were hanging around taking MORE pictures and chit-chatting with everyone. i took more pictures in the 300B classroom than i did in prom... lols... cameras were clicking everywhere...

then EVERYONE headed to PRONTIP restaurant for luncheon with the lecturers. at first i estimated about 30 people will be coming but omg in the end we have 56 people for the luncheon. i never expected so many people will turn up. the lecturers who joined us for the luncheon were DR TEO (chem), MISS JENNY (ESL), MISS GEONG (maths), MRS ALLEN (accounts) and MISS LUCY (psychology). wish MISS LAI (bio) could've have joined us =(

WHEE im such a good party organizer eh? *smirks*

im sure everyone had fun at PRONTIP! after the cake cutting ceremony, i joined tracy, abby, eelynn, flo, kamz, marcus, joshua, deeps and calby to STARBUCKS at gurney tower. we were just sitting around chit-chatting. ahhh i had my ice-blended GREEN TEA after such a long time.
and abby's carrot cake rocks my socks off! (all i ask for my birthday pressie from abby is a cake! =)

at 3pm we all rushed to JENNY's cake house to get a farewell cake for MR LAI....the physics lecturer who is never bored of boring us in his class..i decided to get cheese cake again! mich even made a lil video for him...ahhh....( i went to jenny's 3 times in a week and i had cake for like 6 times this week?)

'blackie ar....why was i everywhere in that video?lols you love me dont cha?'


drumroll please.....



we climbed up the fences, climbed over huge ass air conditioning ventilator and climbed up to the balcony on top of the ROOF of DISTED hall during physics break! Even the president saw us and was cool with it, but call us to come down because he saw blackie and janisha 'behaving dangerously' on the tiles of the roof!

What to do, we're so fly!
(influenced by calby!)


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