Thursday, October 16, 2008

the other girl

ahh had a 'lovely' buffet lunch at berjaya hotel with eelynn, abigail, deepak and joshua. it was sucky. lols... but the great company made up for it. =)


and then went back to college and started to work on the bloody physics presentation which is due tomorrow.

good news of the day:


ahh JOY XD

but i still need to work on the presentation =(

and then after physics i went out with tannie.

we were supposed to go gurney and island plaza to save time so that i can study but in the end that idiot decided to go queensbay. that sneaky lil fellow only told me that we were going to queens when i had entered the car. =(

we were busy running around shopping for some UNIMPORTANT stuff for some people who doesnt matter to me =.='

oh wells...thats what friends are for right?
he was there when i needed him...
so here i am doing the same...
so superhero, now you can call me your supergirl =)

so as he was parking his precious lil baby which he claims that its his FIRST car (when it was actually his third),
memories of him teaching me how to drive and park was flashing through my head...
ahhh...finally i had the chance to laugh at him like how he used to laugh at me when he was teaching me....
hahahaha... and omg he scratched his baby while trying to park in that lil spot =(

haha thanks for fetching me in your big-arse baby cause you sayang me more than your baby aite? (his words eh, im not that perasan =)

that's tannie trying to camwhore XD

thats a very pretty drink from noodle station which we ended up going because
sushi king was TOO FULL

he isnt that camera-shy anymore =)
and he cant eat the chciken drumstick properly

introducing tannie's baby: NISSAN FAIRLADY =)

thats me when im too bored

and thats us again before i went off to coffee bean.

to tannie: i feel your pain, i really feel your pain...

and now here i am trying to do physics presentation at island plaza coffee bean.

ahh....wish me luck peeps!

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