Tuesday, August 5, 2008

been feeling the blues

Had a rough weekend
i dont even know why
have been feeling the blues
not even gym and ice cream can cheer me up
im blaming it all on the hormones

no prom dress

no prom date
all i have is a bloody prom ticket
so mem-pukis-kan

my car kissed a pillar
now its dented =(
and then i was so no mood till i skipped d jazz fest at g-spot
ahh oh wells guess i have to wait till next month to catch it again

thanks to those who have been patient and kind to be there with me
and YOU have disappointed me.

on a lighter note,
i havent been clubbing for about 3 weeks now
so proud of that
alcohol-free for 3 weeks
instead i have been going to church every week
and be home by 1.00am or so?
im turning to a cinderella-ella-eh-eh =)

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