Monday, August 18, 2008

a royal affair

tho i couldnt spend it with you
but i hope you have had fun on this memorable day!
for all the times we spent together
for all the 'hams'
for all the late night talks
for all the memories
for all the bitchings
for all the shopping and make up sessions
i truly cherished the bond that we have.




make-up by clinique

vain-ing while waiting for mindy d fancheong

at equatorial hotel's restroom =p

girls will be girls =)

finally,THE day came...disted 2008 prom themed 'a royal affair'.
indeed everyone looks like a member of royalty that night.
guys in suits and girls in very very very beautiful gowns! (especially kaminee) *drools*
prom was okay...kinda dull at was ok...but very beautiful ballroom
and free-dance was awesome
it was so nice to see everyone either cuddle up in slow dancing or letting loose on d dance floor to the fast tracks!*winks*

lols....biggest surprise ever
considering i was all down and emo and dress-less,shoe-less,bag-less,table-less and date-less.
*sounds so pathetic eh*
and then all my lil angels really helped me
i must thank MISS CHEAH SU TING
who purposely bought and sent me 3 amazing evening dresses and a long summer dress all d way
from melbourne,australia.
-seriously babes i was touched and surprise-

then i must thank miss tan yuh ting for d lovely heels
and miss mindy for d clutch
and not forgetting mab darl for our lil secret *winks*
i couldnt decide on which dress to wear till 5.45pm (mind you prom starts at 6.30pm)
thanks to all my friends who helped me to search high and low for the perfect prom dress as well especially miss yeoh ting en (bet you have fun laughing your lil arse off while i tried on dress after dress)

behold is the queen of disted!
bow me to you little people!
(thanks to everyone who voted for me kays? i really didnt see THAT coming)
sweet surprise!

it was a total surprise
i didnt expect to be even nominated
till pengchooi gotta push me up the stage
and i was laughing out loud when they crowned me

on the stage with all the other nominee
(note: the girl in blue is a very mean dancer on d dance floor,
i lose to her FLAT!)

CAN YOU SEE THAT? fuiyooo!
i gotta steal that pic frm ah sai to prove it to you guys!

impromptu slow dance andfast or CRAZY and retro 70s dance with andy twice for showcasing our talent....

Click this :


hahaha now let the pictures do the talking...

table number 5 (just for you,ting!)

pardon him for his smile 'cause smtg 'hard' happened before this pic was taken =p

javenny and mad

note to tzouen: im still the hottest girl *winks*

to fab: im going hit ur balls for 'eating all my friends'

to lst, are you regretting now boy? =)

my lovely girls *hearts*

people of table no5 including danny of table no.11


and the after-party was amazing!*except for a lil part*
i saw him
then too bad we ended up in different clubs
*perhaps we are just not fated for each other eh*

i had loads of fun with all my friends
i would take forever to name them

it was great to club with you again amy! dont go back to india!

but oh yes 5 virgin clubbers that night =)
2.choon chiat
3. kwen
4. CHUNG KHYE oh-so-lovely javenny!!!!!!

if im not mistaken mr ang lai boon d physics whiz and mr nigel koh my oh-so-responsible-and-adorable esl group leader clubbed as well! BIG SURPRISE THERE =)

then i had too many rounds of pure shots and bottoms up
was kinda gone-d
i fell asleep in the club
heard that anna was sleeping next to me on d couch =p
and miss yeoh ting en was gone-d too

*not a very pretty sight*

i would like to express my deepest apologies and gratitude to those who took read good care of me
~in random order~

mable: for being my tiang and 'penjaga'. i love you!

ting en: for taking care of me on the dancefloor, stopping me for doing stupid things ,scooping that same cute guy together and falling down tho i didnt lean on you =)

teikhong: for jaga-ing me on d dancefloor and laughin?lols

tzouen: for jaga-ing me and fetching me home ( i felt lk d queen!) I HAVE TO MURDER YOU FOR WHAT U DID TO ME AT RAFFE! u just wait...

javen: for supporting me when i was puking (i promise to be a responsible clubber next time)

fabian: for that crazy and wild car ride to raffe which made my guts feel like coming out all over again. N I UNDERSTAND MANDARIN LA DUDE. n u PAPARAZZI!

wei han: for jaga-ing me and repeating the phrase 'lets go green house,madeline needs coffee,lets go green house,madeline needs tea,you cant drive,you are too drunk,i fetch u home la k?madeline must go green house for tea/coffee' in hokkien over and over again till someone shut him up. lols i can still hear all those phrases when i close my eyes.
(note:green house is a kopitiam!)

choonchiat: for following behind tzouen's car just to make sure that we get home safely =)

im not always like that k?
it just that i stopped clubbing for a lil while so alcohol level going down the drain
but thanks again to everyone!
you guys are all my guardian angels

AWWWWWW what am i supposed to do without all my hengtais and angels?
thank God for all my friends who have been through everything with me
bless them with all the goodness in life and to all the angels above,
please sent a basket of love to all my friends =)

you could have me but you didnt want to
im the best you never had
guess things are just not pointing towards that direction
me versus her?
i win her in everything
but she has the one thing that i can never have
so im going take a bow now
its time to bite the bitter truth

with pride and dignity
and go on in this lil masquerade
while time heal all wounds.

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