Wednesday, August 6, 2008

basket full of hugs n kisses

and im so glad that you are happy though your so far away
missing you badly now

now's the time i feel like having pillow talks and stayovers with you

*with the winnie the pooh pajamas n boxers*


all i wanna do now is to run away from my life
just disappear even if its just for a lil while
i just need some time
i just wanna have my own lil sweet escape
to a private island with secluded beach
to feel my toes in the sand
feel the sun on my skin
and wind in my hair
watching the sunset
laying on my back counting stars
sleep under a blanket of stars
and wish upon a shooting star!

now im going off to my lala-land
to have my own lil sweet escape tonight

to all the angels and fairies:
please help me send two baskets full of love,hugs and kisses
to the two most amazing people in my life
one for my babe; ting
who is all the way is aussie
the other to dearest liying
who is in kl
thank you to all the angels and fairies

~i miss you both badly~
i need some happy pills
anybody have some to spare me?

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