Wednesday, April 22, 2009

rapuntzel no more

oh wheee on monday maddy cut her hair again!
this time she did it with anna and may =)
i cut like 10cm of my hair.
im abit sad la but nah no worries hair will grow.
so yea its bye bye to rapuntzel hair, hellos shoulder length!
*cannot cover boobies ady wor*
i miss my long straight silky hair!

may is so vain =D

after the hair cut, we went to northam beach cafe again for tomyam
we love tomyam!


met up with yuhting and karmun there.
after northam, i went to coffee island with yuhting and karmun.
then it was home sweet home =)

tuesday came and went,
it was violin and then i was supposed to go out with the bird-face but then he ppk!
arse la u tte, i could've .......

p/s: have fun in malacca, szewei! miss me kays!

and today,
my, i am a very hardworking girl today =)
i was early for work at blue reef,
then i played badminton for two hours straight :)
after that it was roti bakar with the two bosses
and as soon as i reached home i hit the gym for another hour of full workout session ;)
what has gotten into me rite?
i have no idea.
now my whole body aches like crazy =(
pfft, im getting old.
n hmmm should i club tonight?

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