Wednesday, April 15, 2009

time after time

i finally finished watching 'Operation Love'
its a japanese love story,
about two childhood friends,
sweet young love ;)

thanks mab babe for recommending me.
n thanks for making me cry my eyeballs out for about a week :)

slept at 6am,
woke up at 10am,
was feeling so cranky the whole afternoon ;(
then was out running errands with mum,
had the very nice merlin hotel nasi kandar!
then it was violin from 3.30pm till 7ish?
had zihong to annoy me in between classes =.='
and then it was off for dinner with Y =D
Y finally had song river's chicken wings!
~smile! chins up! tomorrow will be a brighter day! and good luck in your sports day!~

then it was pasar malam with mummy!
YAY! i finally had tako balls!
may, dont be jealous kays?
met eddy and the boys there as well.

onlined till now =)
had fun catching up with yuwei.

im glad that dude is having the time of his life over in kangaroo-land ;)

Current addiction ;)

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