Thursday, April 16, 2009

i cut my lil finger on my left and right =(

ahhhh yesterday was hectic
BUT fun ;)
worked at blue reef,
then it was badminton session at psc with the blue reefians
YAY! no more 15-love this time
then Mr and miss boss, chungkhye n i went for roti bakar!

p/s-ting, remind me to bring you there when you're back ;)

aiks, after roti bakar, i realized that i forgot my house keys :(
so my oh-so-kind mr boss actually trusted me enough to lend me his car to go collect my keys from mum.
im so honoured!
rushed home to bath and all,
(because i was super damn late for dinner with the mr babi who calls me a monkey =.=)
and then it was off to blue reef to return the car
i returned it in ONE PIECE =)

then it was dinner with tannie at blue reef,
there was no need of dimming the lights nor candles kays?
blue reefians are such crappers!

sorry for delaying dinner,
and even more sorry for being late,
and no, you do not look dumb sitting there all alone,
but oh wells,
a gentleman must always wait for the girl, rite? ;)

n oh we met a 62 murano while heading home
such a cute coincidence :)

p/s-no no, i'll never choose a shuttleCOCK over you =)
this i promise you.

and omg, i feel so tired now.
LST i miss your massage!
thank god last night i didnt club.

went home and slept like a baby =)

this morning,
i had breakfast with miss lai, the biology lecturer, shin juey, chiaming and chang thai at kapitan's!
the boys were like goons but ahh breakfast was good =) n baby joel's so cute now. thanks for the breakfast miss lai!

photo from the last breakfast session =)

yes, we should make this breakfast with miss lai a monthly or even a bi-monthly event ;)
then it was work again.


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