Friday, April 24, 2009

heart filled with question marks

finally i went out with tut tut en =)
tzouen, colin, mable and i went over to ananda for dinner,
in the journey to ananda i was very well entertained by tzouen,
whole time he was driving and performing magic tricks!
he was pulling out flowers from the air for me
and making hearts and showed me a few card tricks
whee, so fun =D
had a good laugh the whole time.
and javen joined us after dinner just to chill.

then mable dropped me at blue reef,
hello allyssa and daniella,
yups allyssa's back!
and it was off to gurney with blue reefians.
this time,we watched MALL COP

its a retardedly funny movie =D
not a very nice show tho,
just okay nee.

after movie,
may, swen, christopher and i went over to jamal's for supper,
dropped by netcity to say hello to carmen,deric,daryl,tingen and joel.
then shits i accidently spilled the my 'teh ice' while gossiping to may about what happened in jamal the last time =.=

karma, babe, KARMA ;)

i have the cutest pair of bosses ever.

Every time I had hoped
It turns into something bad
So for right now I'll stop thinking
And maybe things won't end up sad


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