Monday, April 27, 2009

expect the unexpected

i had another lovely weekend again =D

friday was rather quiet,
i was working at blue reef till 3pm and then it was violin till 8pm.
after violin, i met up with szewei and vonn,
i finally tasted the famous tomyam of ayer itam =)
its okay nee la,
im still on my quest to find the BEST tomyam!
and oh it was a quiet friday night for the three of us,
no one is painting the town red tonight.

saturday was eventful =D
i had violin from morning till afternoon,
then karmun and i head over to PFS sports day to support yuhting!
met loads of ex-cglians,
its good to see you girls again,
by 5pm i left pfs to have dinner with grams,
then accompanied grams for grocery shopping and dessert too.
by 10pm it was QE11 for hennessy artistry party 2009!

that was a BLAST!
yay! free flow of drinks =)

*more pics coming up*

after the hennessy party, i was too tired to join the others at mois again.
so it was home sweet home for me by 3am?
then it was time to catch up with ting =)

sunday was violin early in the morning,
then the three of us,
tzouen, tingen and
i finally hangout just the three of us once again
~just like old times~
so we went over to prangin for shoe shopping,
and for tzouen to buy his 'secret ingredient',
we girls bought 5 shoes in total,
2 for me,
3 for tingen,
i still want those colourful flats!!!
then went home for dinner,
and met up with carmen at gurney,
we were supposed to watch edison chen's latest movie,
but shits the cinema was closed by the time we reached =(
so we went over to crepe cottage to meet up with tingen and joel,
loads of stories were swept across the table,
with joel lost most of the time,
then it was off to seawind to chill =)
*hellos tannie!*
at about 1ish, carmen's friend, jason, dropped by,
and then the boys just will not quit talking about cars =.='

so conclusion is,
i had fun this weekend! =D

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