Friday, December 12, 2008

girls night out

it was lovely-bubbly to be out with em girls
high school mates =)
those familiar faces you used to see without fail in pinafore and white shirt.
feeling a lil nostalgic now

now i know why karmun is an impulsive shopper,
its all in the genes eh?
it was dinner with erica, karmun and yuhting at northam beach,
then gurney plaza for a late night shopping. whee!
and then ananda bahwan for supper.
met the whole gang there =)

and oh btw,
a very very very
you can finally stop stealing people's IC
and shove your own into the bouncers' faces!

to the may,
who was one of my first few non-cgl friends in disted,
oh boy i dont really like her at first,
thought she was this very snotty cpt-arian,
but oh boy i was so wrong,
never judge a book by its cover rite?
so may, i love you!

cheers to many more outings,
pillow talks,
ice-cream club!!!
clubbbing sessions,
makan time,
and just plain hanging out and catching up!

we bump into each other alot!

and she's my best college cam-whoring girl!

she will layan me to do sunsilk advertisment and other stupid stuff!

and is a big fan of baskin as well!
therefore,she is the sexytary of our lil ice-cream club!

our first pic together!

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