Saturday, December 13, 2008

fly me to the moon

so i was completely free today,
was supposed to go queens with the girls namely yuhting, karmun and erica.
and then i was reminded that i still haven't returned my books and settle disted stuff.
but instead i spent the whole day with ting again.
it was her first day of work and that poor girl fell sick.
and that stubborn fella refuses to see the doctor and even begged for an ice-blended chocolate.
oh i was a steady driver driving her car today =)

so we ended up walking like zombies around gurney plaza
[and of all days today we both met like a gazillion people =.=]

first stopping by coffee bean to get her ice-blended and meet up with tzouen
then it was food loft for some healthy food to fill her lil stomach since she has been puking all day long
i ended up eating most of the food
aiks, thanks to you, ting, now we cannot have that superb dinner at in-gulf's.
and then we went for a lil shopping,
no i didn't manage to find anything that i like =(
met up with uncle cheah and his friend, uncle lam at jurin express

then went over to gurney drive to meet with chungkhye and alyn.
then we all head over to the beach and was joined by more people!
bumped into may,wernie and the rest AGAIN.
met up with wenlin and wenqin!
[ahhh i nearly fell for that dress as well !!! =]

so why do we go to the beach ?
it was to look at the full moon!
the last full moon of 2008.
it was superbly the BEAUTIFUL.
[no tannie, the moon isn't running away to see you! it was just teasing me =p ]
then it was ananda's for dinner cum supper
and finally home sweet home baby! =)

here i am sitting in the balcony,
listening to jazzy christmas carols
and looking at the moon.
all i need is a cup of hot choc with marsmallows to soothe my senses =)

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