Monday, December 22, 2008


i havent been blogging for so long that i forgot what i did =)
oh wells results are out.
been staying over at ting's nearly every other day.
meeting up with her everyday.
its amazing how we could manage to do that when now we are both working.

clubbed at fame and mois yesterday.
met chingyu and gang and angelin and the rest at fame.
and the boys at mois.
hello may, you arrived when i was about to leave =(
oh vewen's back!
and it was yuhting and vewen's virgin trip to the club.
went home by 4.40am.

and i was up again at 10am.
went for a christmas luncheon at penang club.
food was good.
[su yang, remind me to introduce you to yang junior that i met =) ]
after the luncheon, met up with ting in my shop
then went over to coffee bean
i was sipping tea and reading a story book while she was working.
four friends working under the same roof.
guess we will all be spending a lil more time over there =)

head over to the hospital to visit god-grams.
then to gurney to meet REAL grams and grand-aunts.
and then off to dewan sri pinang for the AOG's CHRISTMAS PRESENTATION.
it was good.
and here i am now.
i've been good. =)

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