Saturday, November 15, 2008

thanks for being that constant something in my life

today was supposed to be a STRESS-FREE,plan-less, just-go-with-the-flow-and-do-whatever-i-feel-like-doing day,
oh wells i did had a good day =)
i automatically woke up at 7am but then i told myself to go back to sleep again
and then i woke up at 9.30am when i was supposed to reach college at 9.30am for a meeting with miss lai as i had volunteered to bring lil kids to go penang's very own taman negara and muka head via hiking this sunday morn! (lol i bet none of you know where this place is!)

so yea i was late AGAIN,
sorry to all =)
then i helped mum to run some errands,
then went back home.

and went out for lunch again with mr tannie tan. ( no no you are not TRE, but ur TT =)
we were driving around aimlessly trying to find a place to eat,
and thanks to nigel's recommendation,
i finally tried summer garden restaurant for the very first time,
a very chic place,
food's alright,
but great atmosphere and they have that lil cute buttons for you to press
(ahh i forget to take pics la!)

'use less brains'
'use your heart to think'

and then we head over to the hair salon,
someone didnt wanna wait for me to dye my hair! =(
(to one of my babes: anybody is up for a hairdo?)

p/s-tannie be make sure you are super-duperly the nice to me kays because i have THE photo *winks*

then it was gurney with yuhting,
just walking around,
then we went to queens later on at night with teikhong and jowyee for james bond
and then kayu for supper for the boys and egg session for yuhting
its been a looong time since i last stepped foot into the cinema.

and yea no qe2 or upr for me today,
(ting im waiting for you to come back!)
i've been good =)

12th nov 2008.

finally done with chem,
last paper of finals.
but i dont know why i wasnt feeling hyped or excited at all
instead i was so down and empty,
even chilis and tasting 3 different kinds of chocolate cakes didnt help
and then was trying to decide if i shld club with the college peeps later on
finally decided to go even though i was down and life-less and all
it was FAME's grand opening
and no i didnt have fun
and im sorry if i spoilt anything by mistake?
it was really a mistake to go?
on d verge of tearing as i was driving home alone
a helluva night.
n to all my babes,
i miss you all.

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