Friday, November 21, 2008

of pregnancies and booze

saturday 15th november 2008

mr ang lye boon's birthday party!

i had a blast. it was like a SAM's reunion as well. all college peeps was there. ahh....
mr ang's house has a very cool mini bar, and he is a good mr bartender. i finally had my bailey's irish cream and a dozen of other cocktails. and papa ang is a super-cool dude =)

the tshirt that we got him =)

while mr ang lye boon while cutting cake, miss cheah su ting popped into his house to surprise me!
ahhh sweet surprise eh! so welcome home babe!
now we can party and be emo together =D
after lyeboon's party, tzouen, danny and i went over to ting's which is just behind lyeboon's house.
i finally decided not to club with them that night as i have hiking the next morn.
ahh maddy is such a good girl nowadays.
then i went home with nigel,xiangyin,peipei and siewhui.

(to xiangyin,pei pei and siewhui: im sad that the year had ended and i havent had the chance to know you guys more but we have to keep in touch kays? im glad for the lil talk we all had in the car *hugs*)

(to yeeling: thanks for gossip girl! and have fun in bali!)

sunday 16 november 2008

slept at 4am, woke up at 7.15am for hiking at penang national park with lil kids as i had volunteered to help ms lai and Malaysia Nature Society (MNS). we started hiking at 8ish.

i was one of the group leaders. we had 6 groups and 17 facilitators. my group consists of 6 lil kids aged 6 to 11 years old and i had joann and chia chyn as my lil helpers. the lil 6-year old boy nicholas was so punny that i think he might just fall and break his bones with every step that he took. so i was leading him on, holding his lil hand while we hike up and he would ask me questions like ' che che, can i eat the fruits?'

lols he's cute but my hands and back ache now because i ended up carrying him up those steep rocks and way. i had the loveliest group ever, very obedient lil children, funny as well, and we were even 'lonely' by akon and other old school songs while we hike back *smiles*

and then those lil sweet angels turned into lil monsters when they started to warm up to me and when they met other lil monsters from other groups. every single guy that took a picture of me in my handphone automatically becomes my boyfriend and hence,
'che che, you got alot of boyfriends hor?'
and it gets worse after a while,
'che che, are you pregnant?'

kids can really test my patience wei...
haha....but i gotta admit they can be the cutest creatures as well!
omg...seriously, im so afraid of lil kids now that i only wanna have 2 kids...THATS ALL...

after that tiresome hike, had lunch at about 3pm in sam hui with jo-ey, jenny,joann and chiachyn. we were all tired,stinky and hungry. then reached my shop at 4smtg?

and right after i bathed, josh called and said he's on his way to pick me up to go gurney for jazz jam tonight. met up with kittyeng,tzouen and suting again. saw colin, von and zihong as well. then at about 8pm we all went over to G-SPOT for JAZZ JAM. it was good. jazz is soothing and definitely good for my soul. (ongee lynn! why did you leave early la!) lol. carmen and chee wooi came over as well and they were having beer and playing chor tai ti in outside g-spot. then vonn,colin and yang came over to say hi as well. and when i went outside, ahh i see the whole bunch of life-less people planning where to head to next. lols. they ended up tukiu-ing again. so left me, tracy, deepak, calby and josh in g-spot.

p/s: calby has balls XD
p p/s: deeps is terrified of someone, someone tall and has long hair, and loves hugging him and pinching his cheeks XD and that someone is a GUY. hahahaha

monday 17th november 2008

woke up at 7.55am to play tennis with nigel,lyeboon and tracy. and oh i know how to serve now! =)

tuesday 18th november 2008

trinity violin exam today. the examiner is abit cuckoo. as usual chong yee tried to charm her but this year he failed miserably in trying to do so. ha-ha. im keeping my fingers crossed so that my students can pass with flying colours!
and then watched madagascar with suting and tzouen. madagascar is SO cute. ahhh

wednesday 19th november 2008

hung out with suting and tzouen again the whole day.
first it was gurney to just lepak. and then uncle cheah and auntie baby (ting's parents) asked us to have lunch with them. lunch was at miraku; the japanese restaurant at g-hotel. a light lunch turned into a table filled with a gazillion japanese cuisines. we had soft-shell crap,4 servings of salmon sashimi set,unagi,beef,tofu,vegetables,enoki mushrooms,those peas thing, those soup in lil pots and other stuff. it was oh-so-heavenly.

p/s- its really not bad to be an ikan bilis. im serious. i'd be honoured to be an ikan bilis; not his but HIS *winks*

and then we went off to clark-hatch and fitness studio to enquiry about gym facilities. should i or should i not? hmmm

then the 3-life-less people drove around penang island trying to find a job and we ended up in queensbay. hey peeps i might be working at haagen daz! met up with yuhting, teikhong and jowyee so together the 6-lifeless people went to haagen dazz to chill. and then yuhting teikhong and jowyee went off to the cinema for madagascar and me and tzouen had to accompany miss cheah to paris miki because she needed new specs. ahh we spent like an hour tryin on specs because miss cheah couldnt make up her mind =.= then we went to dominos for dinner.

at 11ish i went to sunset bistro to meet josh,calby,deeps,tracy,kamz and flo! ahh i miss flo and kamz. it was nice to chill and ask random questions eh? somebody needs to have sex on the airplane before he dies and another person simply has fetish for guy's hand veins. XD
oh ya and claps for me again, alcohol-free while all her other friends were boozing =)

thursday 20 november 2008

had tennis in the morning with nigel and lyeboon at heritage.
have i ever told anyone that i suck at balls? i suck at palying balls. gosh.
and then i had severe cramps so i gotta stop and rest.after that off we went to ananda's for breakfast. i was the one woth period cramps but lyeboon's face was twitching as if he is having cramps as well.haha.
and then i was home alone the whole day curling up in my bed because of the cramps =(

at night, mr tan tzouen,miss cheah suting and miss leong kittyeng decided to come over to watch dvd with me. ahh how sweet. la lingerie is pure crap and YES to SAFE SEX =.= and oh they gave me 'gloria' to cheer me up =.='

*pictures coming up real soon*

sorry people i have been busy. ahh i love holidays!

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