Saturday, November 22, 2008

just like old times.

was busy the whole day. then at night i attended trinity awards ceremony at komtar. very very beautiful pieces were performed that night. i need to find my passion for classical music again. after that, i head over to belissa row to meet up with suting, tingen and jy to wait for the rest of the old gang to come.

PLAN A: sunset bistro
PLAN C: gurney's sega fredo
PLAN D: upr's sega fredo
PLAN E: d-joint

so yeah, due to UNFORESEEN circumstances, we gotta change plans like a gazillion times =.=
all of us (suting,tingen,mable,tzouen,jy,javen and yuwei) went to d-joint to chill. no, this was not the lil reunion that i hoped for thanks to a certain somebody. (everybody please claim your dinner tonight from yuwei =p) but i was happy to see all these familiar faces sitting around the same table again. i felt at home, and at peace. i was even happier because i had baileys again! *dances-with-a-silly-flower*

we didn't plan to club as tzouen was in beach pants and javen is back to his principles again. lol. then after chilling at d-joint, they all dragged me out to have a walk. A walk which ended up in front of FAME and then a very very lovely night of clubbing with my usual kakis. sorry if i was MIA for a lil while. do not worry about me people, but yeah i miss being looked after and all. it feels good to not be the babysitter once in a while.

its been ages since i last clubbed with my babes. it felt good to be on the dance floor with you words are drinks cute boys have a good time,all i need is my babes.

p/s: to you, YES YOU, that certain mister who was drunk and even red-der than a strawberry or me when im drunk: I HATE YOU. you can remember all the smallest tiniest details but hell you don't even know the simplest of them all. =.=

its not time to decide,
so lets just do what the heart thinks is right,
keep living in denial
for that is the state that to be happiest in,
a world of oblivion.

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