Tuesday, November 25, 2008

bowling isnt my thing

saturday 22nd november 2008

so we all finally had dinner together.
and which idiot told me to meet at 7.30pm eh?
smack all your asses la.
so dinner was at faces.
loads of laughters and super lame jokes.
but yeah we live by that.

and then we all decided to try something new!
so BOWLING it was.
so off we went to midlands.
my first attempt in bowling.
ahhhh to cut long story short,
maddy sucks balls. no no, correction maddy sucks at every game that includes a ball.

i can even lose to someone who bowls like that. so yeah.

sunday 23rd november 2008

had violin till 4.30pm and then i had a very unexpected call from mr lee zi hong.
due to blur plans and mis-communications, zi hong and i ended up picking up miss yeoh ting en who was fretting about her french exams. ahh. she needed ice-cream to cheer her up, so the three of us went over to mcd. after an hour or so, miss cheah su ting and mr tan tzou en came to mcd to join us. then all of us went to gurney to search for jobs and also because mr lee needs to change his shirt.

and oh we saved alyn's life! lols. get well soon babe! *hugs*

then ting en, suting, tzou en and i went to sunset bistro to meet carmen.
had dinner and chilled there.
walked along ferringhi walk with tingen.
bought a very stupid and slow movie entitled ,'HORMONES'.
then suting, ting en and tzouen came over to my house to wash up and watch some dvd.
we were then joined by mr lee zi hong again who brought chivas along.
so we were drinking wine and chivas while watching the stupid movie.
i had a good night sleep after that.
the next morning,
it was breakfast at song river with su ting and tzouen
and then off o gleneagles to visit miss alyn tan.
lol it was a good change that for once im the visitor instead of the patient.

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