Sunday, July 20, 2008

MAY & JUNE happenings

i havent been updating about what happened in may and june
lost track of time
was so busy to even blog most of the time
but most of all,
i had gotten lazy =p
so yes i shall start updating about these past few months in this post
warning: a very long post about the past ahead, skip if you dont wanna know about the past

24 May 2008

andy's surprise party at steph's; diamond villa.

highlight: he had tears in his eyes when he read that huge handmade i made for him =)
walaueh 1st time a person was so touched by my gifts okays?
sayang you andy!


group pic at andy's surprise party

30th May 2008

tzouen's birthday part at bravo

have been planning this for few weeks d
preparing his pressie
then wasting alot of money on international calls because of the arrival of his 'greatest birthday present'.
then the party itself was a hit
the party at bravo, post-party at torch though everyone was dressed up so nicely in their formals =)
too bad ting & wenlin couldnt join us
lol though they were with us on the laptop
visit christ,mable and may's blog for details on the party n pics

To my hengtai john tan tzou en
happy 18th birthday
hope you like and appreciate all the pressies
always remember
no matter what happens
all your chee muis and hengtais will ALWAYS have your back
we love you always

us trying to connect to d webcam to see ting n wenlin

the birthday boy and my handmade pressie!

mad and christ

hospital stays
ting's homecoming
pangkor BABEH
wenlin's homecoming

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