Sunday, July 20, 2008

DOUBLE birthdays!

i was at gregory and colin's birthday beach party yesterday.
went there with mable =)
it was a nice party
but it was very very VERY dark though
couldnt see anyone
i was lk going aroung hugging and saying 'hi' to every dark figures that called my name

first we were sitting down doing nothing
then we ate some beehoon n mee n VERY nice curry chicken (which shaun jin claimed that he cooked n i highly doubt that)
then we found some sticks and the boys got d barbeque pit ready so mable started bbq-ing chicken balls for me
~sorry mab, i suck at bbq-ing...i can only 'tu' and cucuk XD thanks for cooking~

then carmen, mable and i started emo-ing
was listening to love stories
crapping and talking
running around different cliques
fighting with greg, lst roger n chuckie
looking at those sweet couples cuddling and holding hands walking by the beach with sands on their toes
then we got more people to join the emo gang
and i started playing 'better in time' by leona lewis all night long
till everyone went 'madeline, why so emo?'
then yong jian started to sing the song with me
that was damn funny
we nearly bring the rain over
the we all packed up and went over to colin's to wait for the guys to bath and chill
then about 2am we all head over to upr
n yes for the first time i did NOT club though im at upr
some incident happened with a bunch a bunch of indian buggers
then we went to raffe for a while then head over to dhoby ghaut
then after dhoby ghaut some incident happened with two samsengs on a bike
then reached home at 5am
without a drop of alcohol =)

so yes happy belated birthday to gregory
happy pre-birthday to darling colin.
*pictures coming up soon*

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