Sunday, August 16, 2009

midnight blues

This lack of sleep and the monthly red flow is making maddy a grumpy and unhappy kid :(

Lunch with the ex-cglians,
Stuffed my brains with law and constitutions for about 5 hours?


Dinner and grocery shopping with the mummy.

chill out with the babe
Club with the babe and the boy-bestie
Meet up with the person leaving tomorrow
Supper with babeh

What ever the hell is wrong with me?
I’ve been too low-key and I actually liked it.

I need some sugar and spice ;)

And happy sweet 19th birthday miss ng karmun,
my silly bun who loves to MEOW me :)

I really wish i could be at the mtv world stage with you,

Thanks for the ticket, ride and free bed for me to bunk in

but fcuk my college and Saturdays classes.

As what my new college-mate said ‘missing a concert is a SIN’,
therefore so sorry God,
I just sinned :(

Some things never changed,
I have been doing loads of catching up and lil reunions with the old school mates,

And some things just never changed,
I know I can always depend on you to keep me rooted on the ground.

i need you to keep me sane.

till we meet again.

And to the other you,
thanks for tonight,
for making me feel like there was never a gap,

I guess that’s just the way how we will always work.

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