Tuesday, August 18, 2009

last sunday with carmen

Had a very sad and mundane Friday and Saturday,

Thought my weekend was spoilt thanks to violin and college,

Oh well, then things took an unexpected twist on the Sunday ;)

After violin-ing non-stop from 10.00am-6.30pm,

I had family dinner, then its time to chill with Christ,

Metrocafe was her choice.

Censored words of the night: YELLOW. 75. boyfriend.

Theme song of the night: Every emo song from the nineties.

[Seriously, everywhere I went they were busy playing emo songs, from metrocafe, to bed and winehouse. Jeez. Nothing happify at all. The closest thing to an upbeat song was ‘Beat It’ by Michael Jackson .]

Then dropped Christ and Alyn home,

Terence followed me to Bed to chill with Carmen,

After Bed, the three of us head over to Winehouse for drinking session.

Jin hui joined us.

3 buckets 4 people 1.5hours.


I am never good at drinking.

Of hand sanitizers, TOILET ROLL, old flame and beer.

Stupid silly games and number 9 seemed to love me =.=’

Despite all that, it was pretty fun,

Babe I am gonna miss you much.

And it was good to see you again, ter ;)

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