Thursday, August 27, 2009

I will not be bullied.

I had the 'GREATEST' day in my life today.
disasters starts at approximately 2am when a fcuking ex-boyfriend-or-boyfriend-or-soon-to-be-ex-bo
yfriend of my babe nearly shoved his fist into my face TWICE while all i ever did was stand and sit; once in mois, another time outside mois.
how can a guy with REAL dick and balls ever raise his hand at a girl?
especially when i did not even cross path with him let alone step on his toe that night.

then Digi decided to be a bitch this morning,
every Digi user felt like throwing their handphones away.

while driving to college, it was raining cats and dogs and cows and sheeps,
a gigantic tree was struck down a few cars ahead of mine along the winding road,
was so bloody scared.

and then after tutorials ended,
my car battery decided to quit on me.

How 'awesome' can this day get?

i did not do anything wrong.
i didnt start any fire.
stop asking me to runaway.
stop pushing me away.
i shall stand because i did nothing wrong.
so stop harr
asing me you freak of nature.
touch me and i swear on your mother's grave that i will fcuking kill you and i mean it.
and im disappointed in you.

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