Friday, May 15, 2009

why was i sick?

it was due to,

on 31st of april till 1st of may,

and loads of other 'not-so-suitable to be posted pictures' of the countless dares that includes loads of shaving,
eating frigging money plant leaves =D

Happy 19th mr shaun jin,
i know you had a blast!

and no you are still not forgiven!

and then 1st of may
also known as DETOX day,

lok lok with the peeps,

then it was sunset bistro to chill,

and supposedly to be last movie marathon routine at my place with tzouen,
but then it ended up to be
and playing cards at my house with just tzouen, chuckie, colin and yee ming.

Then 2nd of May,

which was a day of gatherings and party =D

first it was ex-cgl-ians gathering at gurney with the all the very lovely girls,
who have not sat together on a table since high school?

first we went to nandos,
and then it was chillis!

left the lil gathering at 9ish to head over to may's

to get ready for mr tan tzou en's farewell party,


the boys' favourite place when we club in a big group of 30plus people.

my babes

then it was mois for the closing

and subaidah for supper

words of the day: blue black, chao geng geng, phua chu kang boots

come the 5th of may,

the day i had to send the boy-bestie to melbourne for him to pursue his 'dreams'.

a lil momento =)

something that bonded us years ago happened again at the airport,
it was chungkhye's fault this time

and those bloody boys actually betted if i would cry a bucket when he flys,
not a single teardrop at the airport,
im so proud of myself.

its another story back at home =(

goodbyes are hard to say,
so this is just a temporary AWOL,
i will be glad that there is one less bugger left in penang to piss me off,
but i realized i actually missed your constants harrassments,
endless supply of lame jokes,
free 'bumpy' rides,
and most of all,
your moronic presence which will never fail to make me laugh.

~Thanks for all the memories!~


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