Monday, May 18, 2009

greatest woman in the world

After a long session at the gym just now, I took a long walk around my pool area just to breath in some fresh air and to clear my head. While walking and talking on the phone, I couldn't help but overheard a little girl,she must have been about 2 years old, she was skype-ing with her dad. She was so cute, waving to her daddy at the little laptop screen, and was telling her dad 'Dy-dy, i sit air-air (chair)'. It reminded me so much of myself, how I used to double my words. air-conditioner was pronounced as 'con-con', porridge was 'moi-moi' and my favourite soft toy was 'duck-duck' which is still on my bedside now.

However, what touches my heart most was the tone used by the father when he was webcam-ing with his adorable daughter, so gentle, so kind. I guess I will always miss having a father's touch in my life, but I would like to thank my MUM for being the daddy and the mummy. Besides mum, I thank God to supply me with a host of angels in my life. The endless list of babysitters and mum's friends took really good care of me. I was treated like one of their own in my babysitters' family. I am lucky to have so many 'mothers' and 'older siblings'. I am glad that I had a happy childhood despite having a family that only consist of two people.

To my dearest mummy,
bringing me to this world,
making that decision,
standing next to me,
putting me up on a pedestal to see the world,
trusting me,
being my best friend,
being my bimbo,
pushing me when you know I needed it,
being my inspiration so that i will achieve my aspiration,
teaching me to stand on my own two feet and fend for myself,
believing in me,
nagging me,
allowing me to be your best friend,
and most of all,
for loving me from the bottom of your heart.
I know I may not be the perfect daughter,
but I promise try my best,
I know we have our share of endless arguements over nothing,
but I guess that is just the way we are,
sorry for all of my wrongdoings,
I love you mummy,
though you will never read this,
all I wanna say is,

Happy belated Mother's day!

p/s-sorry for not being able to treat you and grandma on the real day because I ended up in the hospital,
but I am happy we had fun today at the buffet in bayview beach.

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