Wednesday, May 27, 2009


1. Please entitle your post 'Paparazzi' or something of the like.
2. Follow the 'Pictures of ..... ' as closely as possible. Be creative. No photoshop-ing. If you cannot find a picture for one of the descriptions, scratch it off and replace it with something else.
3. Tag whoever you want to see look funny.

Picture of me looking down

Picture of me with my mouth open

Picture of me with my mouth closed

Picture of me holding in fart

Pictures of me hugging someone

oh well he is my boyf. though he is not technically a someone but a something,
so there, another picture of me hugging someone!

Picture of me acting rocker-ish

Picture of me doing something I shouldn't

Picture of me looking like a princess

Picture of me looking like an ape

Picture of me looking like a noob

*spot me*

Picture of me looking disgusted

And i tag :

ting, mable, wenlin, may, anna, jocelyn, jolene, vanitha, yihning, ongee lynn, deeps, flo, pengchooi, karmun, yuhting,

and whoever that feels like showing how stupid they look at times to the world


1 comment:

Vanitha said...

damn! i jz saw that you tagged me. holy shit! there's gonna b alot of stupid photos of myself