Sunday, January 4, 2009

viva forever

its a rather short day,
time seem to flew by today.
had like few classes of violin.
in between classes, zihong dropped by.
and then tzouen and tingen came as well.
we were all crapping for about two hours while waiting for ting to finish working.
then we all went separate ways.
tzouen and tingen went shopping at queens
zihong went over to his friend's
while i went over to ting's get a quick shower and get ready for angelin's farewell.
then i had another class of violin and off we go to gurney to check out some stuff.
then me and ting rushed over to angelin's for the party.
that girl is finally flying off to US on monday!
bye babilin!
im gonna miss you much!

i've been saying goodbye to too many loved ones already.
my tears have been dried up d!
everyone is leaving me!!!!!

bye mab!

bye my kiddo, jy!
bye joshikins and tracykins!
bye sukmin!
bye babilin!
bye kamz!
bye karmun!

i hate goodbyes!
im missing you guys already!

*runs away and hide beneath my comforter to cry my eyeballs out*

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