Monday, January 5, 2009

ocha galore

i love my mum!
as soon as i reached home today, mum went 'like this i sayang you la, come home so early.'
and the clock shows 12.45am. ahh. i love you mummy!


so today i woke up as blur as ever. fetch ting from coffee bean after some stuff then we hit the shack and slept for about 4 whole hours before my violin starts and an irritating bugger decided to drop by my shop to annoy the hell out of us =p but we sure did a good job in annoying him back today!

after violin, me and ting fetched the bugger home. then it was off to gurney for some girl time before i went off for dinner and movie with tannie while she went for dinner and movie with zihong. [sorry tannie for making you wait kays? my babe needed me at that time =)] Then tannie and i had sushi king while they had sakae sushi =.=

and then we all met each other in front of gsc and found out that the four of are not sitting together for the movie =(

BEDTIME STORIES was hilarious.

'im like the stink of your feet, i will always be here.'

best line of them all =P

after movie, tannie and i went over to northam for chicken wings. ahh. heavenly.

to you: stop being a 'bambo'. you know what im talking about.

yes i had a good day,
going off to bed with a smile,
nothing beats good company and green tea!

p/s: i know im not the only one who had fun today. =p

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