Saturday, January 3, 2009

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31st december 2008

new years eve was fine.
not exactly the bomb,
but nevertheless, i had fun =)
once again, i was plan-less.
had a violin class,
then fetched tingen to my house,
we finally soaked in the jacuzzi albeit the unpredictable weather,
but then i decided to attend zihong's very 'private and exclusive' bbq dinner.
[notice the word 'private'.]
wanna know why it was private?
cause it was only me, tingen, family friends and his family =.=

so whole night me and tingen was barbequeing.

we are like the best guests ever.
ahhh so i ended 2008 as a maid (without the very cute and kinky black and white uniform =( )

then zihong, tingen and i head over to upr.

sad, i did my countdown in the car =(
everyone else was at upr.
so we had fun club hopping from mois to fame then to mois, then djoint to mois to soi 11 XD
was talking to tannie in between clubs =)
then after that we head over to subaidah with jac and carmen for the much needed ice lemon tea. ahh.

due to some change of plans,

the three of us ended up at zihong's while waiting to catch the first sunrise of 2009.
oh wells, at least that was what we were supposed to do =.=
but nope, nothing went according to plans.
went home in the morning with what i think a broken nose (.
i spent the first day of 2009 sleeping, eating, yakking on the phone, reading and repeats the whole cycle again.
very the happening, no?

2nd january 2009

violin as usual.
then head over to karmun's with yuhting. met jack there.
karmun, i'm gonna miss you when you go back to kl!

at about 2am, miss cheah su ting which just came back from singapore came over to my place to surprise me and use the toilet. lol.
so yea i have zihong and ting over till wee hours of the morning.
i can really kill someone for causing me to lose so much sleep this few days.
but yes welcome home,babe!

3rd january 2009


meeting you was a chance,
being friends was a choice,
im glad to have found you in my life,
you will always be one of those that i truly treasure.
thanks for everything mab my babe!
happy sweet 19th!
will make it up to you!

babe, i tried my best to get hold of you but to no avail.
so i shall do your birthday shoutout here!!!
faster come back from UK!
much love,

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