Wednesday, September 9, 2009

loves mum

after violin today,
i rushed home to get dress and all.
put on my new dress, make-up and new handbag,
had been uber-excited for the past week,
because i've got a date tonight!
with THE mummy
she is bringing me to Rasa Sayang for the buffet dinner
*maddy hearts mummy*
queen of my heart!

met darren and gladys there.

im so bloated now.
thats the whole problem with buffet.
you cant help it but to stuff yourself
tummy's so huge now.
i rather be pregnant than fat kays!
fcuks, i know i sound so bimbotic now.
so after the buffet,
we went for a midnight walk instead of midnight run because we were too full.
n shits,
i still feel so frigging fat.

p/s- tummy and boobs please be smaller and back to normal size by tomorrow!

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