Monday, September 21, 2009

even bad luck cant do justice

a few changes taking place right now,

currently i am car-less as i was involved in a 4-cars-chain-reaction-accident on Saturday afternoon,
a reckless driver behind me couldn't brake in time so he hit me, i hit the person in front and the person in front hit the person in front.
no photos because the poor me who was driving alone was too shocked to do anything.
all i did was to jump out of my car and stood there in the rain.
then went into the car and sat and stare at the damage.
then got out and stood in the rain when all the other drivers started to get out.
then then jump out again.
and then entered the car again to take an umbrella because it was raining cats and dogs.
I was really in a daze. dont know what to do. then only it occur to me to find my handphone to call mum.
guess i was really lucky to have escaped with just a bruise and some scratches.

then today my super-smart mum decided to rent our house away to this expatriate from Madrid eventhough the deal with the new house have NOT fall through yet.
and oh we gotta move out by next saturday.
ahhh. i have the world's most impulsive mum ever


current status: car-less + house-less
current mood: pissed at the whole world

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