Friday, February 27, 2009

look at what i've found ;)

long long long time ago,
in a land (school,actually.) far far away,
there lived four lil rather 'not-so-gorgeous' ducklings ;)
who somehow clique-d and became close friends very fast,
without knowing what ties them together so strong,
because they do not really share anything in common,

one's a basketball fan,
the other an anime freak,
one more used to be a boy magnet,
and well the last one is a nerd with specs. LOL.


girls being girls,
our share of gossips,
a few bitching sessions,
late night pillow talks,
shopping trips,
and dreams of the future.
yes indeed there were a few misunderstandings here and there,
but we all have more sweet memories than we could ever remember.


and even though the anime freak left our lil penang island
to go off to aussie land late 2005,
but our friendship survived the distance.


and now,
i present you,
the four princesses,
miss tan yuh ting, miss ng karmun, miss phang vewen and miss madeline khaw cheng looi.


with loads of love till the next time the four of us can just around the table,

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