Tuesday, February 24, 2009

im still breathing =)

So I guess I do owe all of you an apology,

For not updating frequent enough since December 08,

That’s mainly because I am always out most of the time,

I got my daily dose of my ting, tzouen and zihong.

Ting is like an un-skip-able daily dose which is vital for ensuring good health =)

And not forgetting the two crazy girls, mable and wenlin which I see nearly every day,

They are my much needed ‘siao cha bos’ to cheer me up and do bimbo things together.

And the non-stop bumping into may, wernie, anas, liang and chungkhye.

Meeting up with different people,

New and old friends alike,

Everyone came back to penang during the christmas and Chinese new year breaks!


I especially miss my old college and school mates,

My cgl-ians =)

And not to mention juggling between two jobs, blue reef and violin ;)

That certainly kept my hands full at that time.

Came February,

It was a month of tears =(

So many farewell parties and gatherings,

So many people going back to wherever they came from,

And sending off so many people to everywhere to embark on their next phase of life,

Goodbyes have never been so hard and real.

I went to the airport nearly every other day,

Sending off not one but multiple people each time I was at the airport,

Even on valentines day ;(

I spent the morning sending off Gregory to NZ and Abigail to Aussie,

Then dinner and birthday party at Elaine’s, off to Gleneagles to visit mr shaun jin who was sick and then off to upr,

Valentines was just another day for me, I started off valentines with clubbing and ended it clubbing. Lol. Im gonna take a break from the clubbing scene for a while.

After that I spent the whole night at a ‘crying party’ starting at 2 a.m., 15th February,at choon chiet’s with ting, tzouen, javen and choon chiet.

We were all tearing for the al the times we had spent together,

Memories to be treasured forever J

And at 6a.m. I received unexpected phone call of mummy was admitted into the hospital,

Biggest scare of my life,

So many emotions running through me,

After settling mummy stuff at the hospital,

I went over to the airport to send off my ‘neighbour’, wernie , my hengtai, yuwei, and the bestie, ting.

Oh my, that was the hardest goodbyes were indeed said on the 15th of February.

bye to the neighbour,wernie!

the heng tai, yuwei,

and the hardest to the bestie, ting.

And now,

I lead a mundane life.

Most of my time is preoccupied by work,

And reading ;)

Books are the best company when everything else seems bleak,

A whole new world for me to explore and get lost in,

I haven’t been finding enough time to read as often as I could the past two years,

Now it’s a good time for me to catch up with my old love again :)

By the way,

People, you can all call me out anytime,

Im free and just rotting away ;)

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