Monday, June 29, 2009

a midsummers dream


I feel the pressure,

Its REAL silly,

But yeah I definitely am feeling the pressure,

Because I am the only one left,

I am alone,

That’s why I am bothered.

And that dream that I had last night,

Its more like a nightmare though its without the usual zombies, flying knives and blood-baths.

Words have always affected me,

I believe in the power of words,

To me, words speaks the same volume as actions,

Therefore I am very disturbed now.

I should really get a grip and stop torturing myself?

Its just a small deal anyways,

I have never minded it,

So why am I feeling this way?

On a different note,

I love mid-years,

I love summer,

That’s the time when everybody comes back from everywhere!

So far,

The hengtai,

The neighbour,

The birdmouth,

The long lost twin sis,

The sepet eyes,

And smart-ass bestie,

The bestie babe

Had came back to this lil island

and made my life just a tad more colourful ;)

To the old friends,

Some things never change :)

And to the new peeps,

Its truly my pleasure to be have crossed path with you ;)

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