Monday, March 9, 2009

was admitted to my 2nd home AGAIN

ahhh it was a pretty fun week =) except for the hospital part. hmph.
watched love matters on monday with blue reef-ians.
house on tuesday with mum (my treat! ;)
and marley and me on wednesday with blue reefians =)

and then i was admitted to the maternity ward of gleneagles hospital on friday due to really bad period cramps.
ahhh, it sucks to be a girl at times.
thanks for all your well wishes people!
im fine,really.
and special thanks to those who visited me =)
[not forgetting those bunch of monkeys carmen,tingen,amy,jowyee and teikhong who just gotta dropped by all dressed up and wanted to kidnap me to hit the clubs with them? =.=
and liang,yon jian and shaun jin who woke me up at 8.30am and wanted to bring me for dimsum =.=']

got outta the hospital on sunday,
went over to carmen's with tingen,
then it was dinner with tzouen (ahh i cant pinch him anymore because he is all buffed up no =/)
then went over to 'say por kiew' to meet amy, kahyin and beelin.
goodall and alan burger with the boys.
liang was back =)

and too bad no more special surprises from you this time.
i missed your 'jump-in-front-of-my-face-with-a-bunch-of-red-roses'
i wanna fly away
its been so long since i laughed that much

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